Zechariah Summary

The Book of Zechariah is a prophetic book in the Christian Old Testament. The prophet Zechariah’s name means \"God has remembered.\" The purpose of the book of the prophet Zechariah is not to provide historical accounts – its purpose is theological and pastoral. The main theme of the book is that God is at work and plans to live again with His people in Jerusalem after he saves them from their enemies and cleanses them of their sins.

The prophet Zechariah is very concerned with the idea of purity in the temple, the priesthood and all areas of life. There are also many Messianic prophecies included in his book, either directly or indirectly. The chapters in the Book of Zechariah helped the writers of the Gospels understand Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. Also, much of the Book of Revelation is also colored by images in first written in Zechariah.

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Chapters in Zechariah

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