Jeremiah Summary

The Book of Jeremiah is a book of the Old Testament that derives its name from the prophet Jeremiah. Parts of the Book of Jeremiah have also been found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jeremiah lived in Jerusalem in the late 7th and early 6th centuries BC. This was during the time of King Josiah and the fall of the Kingdom of Judah to the Babylonians. In its original format, the book is a complex Hebrew poem.

The Prophet Jeremiah was a son of a priest from Anatot in the land of Benjamin. He lived in the Kingdom of Judah while Jerusalem was under siege – the events that culminated in the destruction of Solomon\'s Temple and the raiding of the city by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

Before the city was destroyed, the prophet Jeremiah repeatedly prophesized about God’s punishment. He advised the Israelites to put down their idols and repent. However, his fellow Israelites refused to heed his warnings.

Chapters in Jeremiah

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