Psalms 148:10


King James Version (KJV)

Beasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowl:

American King James Version (AKJV)

Beasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowl:

American Standard Version (ASV)

Beasts and all cattle; Creeping things and flying birds;

Basic English Translation (BBE)

Beasts and all cattle; insects and winged birds:

Webster's Revision

Beasts, and all cattle; creeping animals, and flying fowl:

World English Bible

wild animals and all livestock; small creatures and flying birds;

English Revised Version (ERV)

Beasts and all cattle; creeping things and flying fowl:

Clarke's Psalms 148:10 Bible Commentary

Beasts - החיה hachaiyah, wild beasts of every kind.

All cattle - בהמה behemah, all domestic animals; those used for the service of the house, and those for agricultural purposes.

Creeping things - All the class of reptiles, from the boa constrictor, that can combat, kill, and swallow whole the royal tiger, to the cobra de manille, a poisonous reptile as small as a fine needle; with those still smaller animals that are found in water, and require the power of the microscope to bring them to view. In the production, preservation, habits, and properties of all these, there is a profusion of wisdom and economy that would require ages to exhibit.

Flying fowl - The structure of fowls is astonishing; and the exact mathematical manner in which flying fowls swim the air, and steer their course wheresoever they will; the feathers, and their construction, with the muscles which give them motion; strike the observer of nature with astonishment and delight.

Barnes's Psalms 148:10 Bible Commentary

Beasts, and all cattle - Wild beasts and tame; those which roam the forest, and those which have been domesticated for the service of man. As fruitful trees and cedars might include all the trees, so the "beasts and cattle" here might include the whole of those that were wild and tamed.

Creeping things, and flying fowl - Margin, as in Hebrew, Birds of wing. These are grouped together for a reason similar to that for which fruitful trees and cedars, and beasts and cattle, are grouped together, to embrace the whole. The expression embraces the loftiest and lowest; those which ascend farthest above the earth, and those which creep upon its surface. The word rendered creeping things would properly embrace the smaller animals which creep along upon the ground; both those which have four feet or more, as mice, lizards, crabs, etc., and those without feet, which glide or drag themselves upon the ground, as worms and serpents. (Gesenius, Lexicon) These, in their lowly condition, and in their humble way, are called on to unite in the general chorus of praise. Accomplishing the purpose for which they are made, they will, with the most lofty of created beings, contribute to proclaim the wisdom, the power, and the goodness of God.

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