Psalms 89:47


King James Version (KJV)

Remember how short my time is: why have you made all men in vain?

American King James Version (AKJV)

Remember how short my time is: why have you made all men in vain?

American Standard Version (ASV)

Oh remember how short my time is: For what vanity hast thou created all the children of men!

Basic English Translation (BBE)

See how short my time is; why have you made all men for no purpose?

Webster's Revision

Remember how short my time is: why hast thou made all men in vain?

World English Bible

Remember how short my time is! For what vanity have you created all the children of men!

English Revised Version (ERV)

O remember how short my time is: for what vanity hast thou created all the children of men!

Definitions for Psalms 89:47

Vain - Empty; foolish; useless.
Wherefore - Why?; for what reason?; for what cause?

Clarke's Psalms 89:47 Bible Commentary

How short my time is - If thou deliver not speedily, none of the present generations shall see thy salvation. Are all the remnants of our tribes created in vain? shall they never see happiness?

Barnes's Psalms 89:47 Bible Commentary

Remember how short my time is - The word rendered "time" - חלד cheled - means duration; lifetime. Psalm 39:5. Then it means life; time; age; the world. Literally, here, "Remember; I; what duration." The meaning is plain. Bear in remembrance that my time must soon come to an end. Life is brief. In a short period the time will come for me to die; and if these promises are fulfilled to me, it must be done soon. Remember that these troubles and sorrows cannot continue for a much longer period without exhausting all my appointed time upon the earth. If God was ever to interpose and bless him, it must be done speedily, for he would soon pass away. The promised bestowment of favor must be conferred soon, or it could not be conferred at all. The psalmist prays that God would remember this. So it is proper for us to pray that God would bless us soon; that he would not withhold his grace now; that there may be no delay; that he would (we may say it with reverence) bear in remembrance that our life is very brief, and that if grace is to be bestowed in order to save us, or in order to make us useful, it must be bestowed soon. A young man may properly employ this prayer; how much more appropriately one who is rapidly approaching old age, and the end of life!

Wherefore hast thou made all men in vain? - As thou dost seem to have done, since they accomplish so little in the world, and since so many appear wholly to miss the great purpose of life! Nothing, in certain moods of mind, will strike one more forcibly or more painfully than the thought that the mass of people seem to have been made in vain. Nothing is accomplished by them worthy of the powers with which they are endowed; nothing worthy of so long living for; nothing worthy of the efforts which they actually put forth. In a large portion of mankind there is an utter failure in securing even the objects which they seek to secure; in numerous cases, when they have secured the object, it is not worth the effort which it has cost; in all cases, the same effort, or an effort made less strenuous, laborious, costly, and continuous, would have secured an object of real value - worth all their effort - the immortal crown!

Wesley's Psalms 89:47 Bible Commentary

89:47 Short - Our time, the time of our king and kingdom, in whose name the psalmist puts up this petition. Wherefore - Wherefore hast thou made us and our king (and consequently all other men, whose condition is nothing better than ours) in vain, or to so little purpose? Didst thou raise us and him, settle the crown upon David's head by a solemn covenant, and vouchsafe so many and great promises and privileges, and all this but for a few years, that our crown and glory should be taken from us, within a little time after it was put upon our heads?

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