John 18:27


King James Version (KJV)

Peter then denied again: and immediately the cock crew.

American King James Version (AKJV)

Peter then denied again: and immediately the cock crew.

American Standard Version (ASV)

Peter therefore denied again: and straightway the cock crew.

Basic English Translation (BBE)

Then again Peter said, No. And straight away a cock gave its cry.

Webster's Revision

Peter then denied again, and immediately the cock crowed.

World English Bible

Peter therefore denied it again, and immediately the rooster crowed.

English Revised Version (ERV)

Peter therefore denied again: and straightway the cock crew.

Clarke's John 18:27 Bible Commentary

And - the cock crew - Peter denied our Lord three times: -

Peter's First Denial.

I. This took place, when he was without, or beneath, in the hall of Caiaphas's house. He was not in the higher part where Christ stood before the high priest; but without that division of the hall, and in the lower part with the servants and officers, at the fire kindled in the midst of the hall, John 18:16, John 18:18; and the girl who kept the door had entered into the hall, where she charged Peter.

Peter's Second Denial.

II. This was in a short time after the first, Luke 22:58. Having once denied his Master, he naturally retired from the place where his accuser was to the vestibule of the hall, Matthew 26:71, and it was the time of the first cock-crowing, or soon after midnight. After remaining here a short time, perhaps an hour, another girl sees him, and says to them who were standing by in the vestibule, that he was one of them. Peter, to avoid this charge, withdraws into the hall, and warms himself. The girl, and those to whom she had spoken, follow him; the communication between the two places being immediate. Here a man enforces the charge of the girl, according to Luke; and others urge it, according to St. John; and Peter denies Jesus vehemently.

Peter's Third Denial.

III. He was now in the hall, and also within sight of Jesus, though at such a distance from him that Jesus could not know what passed, but in a supernatural way. And, about an hour after his second denial, those who stood by founded a third charge against him, on his being a Galilean, which St. Luke says, Luke 22:59, one in particular strongly affirmed; and which, according to John, John 18:26, was supported by one of Malchus's relations. This occasioned a more vehement denial than before, and immediately the cock crew the second time, which is eminently called αλεκτοροφωνια. The first denial may have been between our twelve and one; and the second between our two and three.

At the time of the third denial, Luke 22:61 proves that Jesus was in the same room with Peter. We must farther observe that Matthew, Matthew 26:57, lays the scene of Peter's denials in the house of Caiaphas: whereas John, John 18:15-23, seems to intimate that these transactions took place in the house of Annas; but this difficulty arises from the injudicious insertion of the particle ουν, therefore, in John 18:24, which should be omitted, on the authority of ADES, Mt. BH, many others; besides some versions, and some of the primitive fathers. Griesbach has left it out of the text. See Bishop Newcome's Harm. notes, p. 48.

The time of Peter's denials happened during the space of the third Roman watch, or that division of the night, between twelve and three, which is called αλεκτοροφωνια, or cock-crowing, Mark 13:35. Concerning the nature and progress of Peter's denial, see the notes on Matthew 26:58, Matthew 26:69-75.

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