Job 40:1


King James Version (KJV)

Moreover the LORD answered Job, and said,

American King James Version (AKJV)

Moreover the LORD answered Job, and said,

American Standard Version (ASV)

Moreover Jehovah answered Job, and said,

Basic English Translation (BBE)


Webster's Revision

Moreover, the LORD answered Job, and said,

World English Bible

Moreover Yahweh answered Job,

English Revised Version (ERV)

Moreover the LORD answered Job, and said,

Clarke's Job 40:1 Bible Commentary

Moreover the Lord answered - That is, the Lord continued his discourse with Job. Answered does not refer to any thing said by Job, or any question asked. I think it very likely that this whole piece, from the beginning of this first verse to the end of the fourteenth, was originally the ending of the poem. Mr. Heath has noticed this, and I shall lay his words before the reader: "The former part of this chapter is evidently the conclusion of the poem; the latter part whereof seems to be in great disorder; whether it has happened from the carelessness of the transcriber, or, which appears most probable, from the skins of parchment composing the roll having by some accident changed their places. It is plain from the seventh verse of the forty-second chapter (Job 42:7) that Jehovah is the last speaker in the poem. If, then, immediately after the end of the thirty-ninth chapter, we subjoin the fifteenth verse of the forty-second chapter, and place the fourteen first verses of the fortieth chapter immediately after the sixth verse of the forty-second chapter, and by that means make them the conclusion of the poem, all will be right; and this seventh verse of the forty-second chapter will be in its natural order. The action will be complete by the judgment of the Almighty; and the catastrophe of the poem will be grand and solemn." To these reasons of Mr. Heath, Dr. Kennicott has added others, which the reader may find at the end of the chapter. (Job 40:24) Without taking any farther notice of the transposition in this place, I will continue the notes in the present order of the verses.

Barnes's Job 40:1 Bible Commentary

Moreover, the Lord answered Job - The word "answered" is used here as it is often in the Scriptures, not to denote a reply to what had been immediately said, but to take up or continue an argument. What God said here was designed as a reply to the spirit which Job had so frequently manifested.

Wesley's Job 40:1 Bible Commentary

40:1 Answered - Having made a little pause to try what Job could answer. This is not said to be spoken out of the whirlwind, and therefore some think God said it in a still, small voice, which wrought more upon Job, (as upon Elijah) than the whirlwind did.Tho' Job had not spoken any thing, yet God is said to answer him.For he knows mens thoughts, and can return a fit answer to their silence.

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