Top 10 Christian Pump Up Songs


You know that feeling you get when that one song plays and you get excited or energetic about Jesus? These songs get you pumped up! They make you want to sing, possibly scream, dance, focus intently on God or tell someone you know about God! These could be great songs to work out to also. There are so many of these songs and I would love to hear some of your favorites in the comments below! Here are my top 10 favorite pump up songs! Enjoy!





10. God’s Not Dead, Newsboys





Favorite Lyric – “Now I'm lost in your freedom and this world I'll overcome! My God's not dead, He's surely alive! He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion! My God's not dead, He's surely alive! He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion!”





9. Whispers In The Dark, Skillet





Favorite Lyric – “No, you'll never be alone. When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars. Hear the whispers in the dark. No, you'll never be alone. When darkness comes you know I'm never far. Hear the whispers in the dark.”





8. Move, Mercy Me





Favorite Lyric – “When life won’t play along, and right keeps going wrong, and I can’t seem to find my way. I know where I am found. So, I won’t let it drag me down. Oh, I'll keep dancing anyway! I'm gonna move (move)! I'm gonna move (move)!”





7. Until The Whole World Hears, Casting Crowns





Favorite Lyric – “Ready yourselves! Ready yourselves! Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night. Ready yourselves! Ready yourselves! May the powers of darkness tremble as our praises rise! Until the whole world hears Lord we are calling out, lifting up Your name for all to hear the sound. Like voices in the wilderness we're crying out. And as the day draws near, we'll sing until the whole world hears!”





6. Don’t Waste Your Life, Lecrae





Favorite Lyric – “Paul said if Christ ain't resurrected, we've wasted our lives. Well that implies that our life's built around Jesus being alive. Everyday I'm living tryin' to show the world why Christ is more than everything you'll ever try, better than pretty women and sinning and living to get a minute of any women and men that you admire. It ain't no lie!”





5. Hello My Name Is, Matthew West





Favorite Lyric – “Oh, these are the voices. Oh, these are the lies. And I have believed them for the very last time! Hello, my name is child of the one true King. I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, I have been set free! ‘Amazing Grace’ is the song I sing! Hello, my name is child of the one true King!”





4. My Blood, Impending Doom





Favorite Lyric – “In a dark world shines a light glorified in You! You have strength. You are love. You have compassion and you have mercy. You have wisdom. You are ambitious. You have life and You are worthy. You're a man. You're a lion. You are honest and You're important. You are holy and when You speak, Your words will shake the foundations of the earth! You are my beloved!”






3. Our God Is Greater, Chris Tomlin





Favorite Lyric – “And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?”





2. Not My Own, Living Sacrifice





Favorite Lyric – “Born again, born again…LIFE! Born again, born again…PEACE! Born again, born again…LOVE! I am not my own!”





1. Laying The Demon To Rest, Theocracy





Favorite Lyric – “As the battle rages on and on, I face the things that put my faith to the test. When fallen angels won't leave me alone, Father, come and lay the demon to rest. When my sword has broken off in my hand, I see the dark futility of the flesh. When I'm about to fall, please help me stand, Father, come and lay the demon to rest.”










I hope you have enjoyed this list of my 10 favorite pump up songs! I listen to these when I work out or when I’m driving. These songs really make you excited about God and your fellow brothers and sisters. Also, these are great songs to contemplate how amazing God is and how much He loves us! God bless you all as you continue to live a life worthy of the calling! Keep on rocking and stay motivated! Go shine the light of Jesus to every one you meet today! Peace be with you all!



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Resources- ESV Holy Bible, Youtube, photo credit: klndonnelly via photopin cc