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This Statler Brothers' Throw Back Had Me In Tears - Staff Picks

I just LOVE the Statler Brothers. And hearing this incredible performance of the beautiful and haunting song 'More Than A Name On A Wall' had me in tears. These lyrics are so very powerful and they tell a story that isn't just sad, but is a reality for so many families. It tells the story of a woman who has visited a war memorial. I saw her from a distance, as she walked up to the wall In her hand she held some flowers, as her tears began to fall As this woman began to rub a pen across paper to trace a section of the wall, she cries out to God. "Lord my boy was special, and he meant so much to me And Oh, I'd love to see him just one more time you see All I have are the mem'ries and the moments to recall So Lord could you tell him he's more than a name on the wall" This grieving mom shared her memories of Christmas and of her son as a little boy. As she remembers, she implores a single prayer that his death not be in vain. She just wants others to remember his sacrifice! We will never forget those who gave their lives for our freedom! Someone pass the tissues.