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'Behold The Lamb' Passion Acoustic Performance - Christian Music Videos

The band Passion has just released a new song called ‘Behold The Lamb.’ With the uplifting sound and scripture woven into the lyrics, it’s a beautiful song to bring everyone back to the foot of the cross. “Behold the Lamb The story of redemption written on His hands Jesus, You will reign forevermore The victory is Yours We sing Your praise Endless hallelujahs to Your holy name Jesus, You will reign forevermore The victory is Yours” ‘Behold The Lamb’ was written by Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Phil Wickham, and Jason Ingram. Kristian explains that the lyrics have been coming together for a few years now, but the theme of redemption has always been constant. “Redemption has always been on God’s heart,” says Kristian. “You know, in the story of his people and all through scripture, God goes through great lengths to redeem his people. On the cross, Jesus is that final redemption. It’s done. It’s finished. That’s something we’re never going to stop singing about. I really hope and pray I never get over that.” Our attention is brought straight to Jesus in the chorus of ‘Behold The Lamb.’ It’s a great reminder to think about all that he’s done for us and the redemption that he’s won for us. Scripture tells us to “behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” This is the greatest news we could ever share with anyone! And this is the hope that we are singing about in Passion’s new song. “It’s nice to have a song that takes the attention off ourselves,” says Kristian. “That’s what this song is. It lifts us up out of our life, and we look at the victory of the cross.” What a gift it is to forever sing the praises of our Redeemer! And ‘Behold The Lamb’ is a powerful song that can lead us in doing just that.