Best Rascal Flatts Songs:  My Top 25 List

Rascal Flatts have been one of the most successful bands in the music industry for more than a decade now.  They are a trio that is still made up of all its original members.  A lot of their success and durability can be credited to the fact that they won’t make decisions unless they all agree, as they have stated in past interviews.  They have collected 44 major awards over the last 13 years from various awards shows such as the CMA, AMA, CMT, ACM, AMA, and People’s Choice Awards shows among others. They have released 8 studio albums under their label Disney Music Group’s Lyric Street Records, all of these albums were certified platinum or higher.

Racal Flatts is made up of lead singer Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus who plays bass guitar, keyboard, piano, and vocals, and Joe Don Rooney who does lead guitar and vocals.  LeVox and DeMarcus are second cousins.  Also interesting to note is that Jay DeMarcus is married to CMT Insider correspondent Allison DeMarcus.  Their founding roots are in Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar in Nashville, Tennessee. DeMarcus got his start as part of “East to West”, a Christian group.  He then convinced LeVox to come to Nashville to give his unique vocals a chance on Michael English’s album “Gospel” providing some harmonies.  During that same time frame DeMarcus had become the bandleader of Chely Wright’s band which is where he came across Joe Don Rooney, and the rest is history as they say. Here is a list of the top 25 songs they have put out over the last 13 years.

25. Easy (F/Natasha Bedingfield)

Album- Nothing Like This (2011)

Favorite Lyrics- We broke up, yeah it's tough.  Most guys would of been crushed.  Wasting their time wondering where they went wrong.  No way, not me hey I'm doing just fine I'm not afraid of moving on.

24. Stand

Album- Me And My Gang (2006)

Favorite Lyrics- You feel like a candle in a hurricane, just like a picture with a broken frame.  Alone and helpless like you've lost your fight, but you'll be alright.

23. This Everyday Love

Album- Rascal Flatts (2000)

Favorite Lyrics- Each morning the sun shines through my window, lands on the face of a dream come true.

22. Feels Like Today

Album- Feels Like Today (2004)

Favorite Lyrics- So while this storm is breaking, while there's light at the end of the tunnel, keep running towards it.

21. Come Wake Me Up

Album- Changed (2012)

Favorite Lyrics- Tonight your memory burns like a fire.

20. These Days

Album- Melt (2002)

Favorite Lyrics- I wake up in tear drops, they fall down like rain.  I put on that old song we danced to and thenI head off to my job, guess not much has changed.

19. Summer Nights

Album- Unstoppable (2009)

Favorite Lyrics- Here we go, here comes the moon, things start getting all heated up when it starts getting cool.

18. Bob That Head

Album- Still Feels Good (2007)

17. That Should Be Mine (F/Justin Bieber)

Album- Baby (2012 Bieber Album)

Favorite Lyrics- Did you forget all the plans you made with me?

16. Winner At A Losing Game

Album- Still Feels Good (2007)

Favorite Lyrics- Have ever had to love someone that just don't feel the same.  Tryin' to make somebody care for you the way I do is like tryin' to catch the rain and if love is really forever I'm a winner at a losin' game.

15. Bless The Broken Road

Album- Feels Like Today (2004)

Favorite Lyrics- This much I know is true that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.

14. Mayberry

Album- Melt (2002)

Favorite Lyrics- I miss Mayberry sittin on the porch drinking ice cold Cherry Coke where everything was black & white.

13. I Melt

Album- Melt (2002)

Favorite Lyrics- Every time you look at me that way I melt, I melt.

12. Me And My Gang

Album- Me And My Gang (2006)

Favorite Lyrics- It's a brother and a sister kinda thang.  Raise up your hands if you all wanna hang with me and my gang.

11. I Won’t Let Go

Album- Nothing Like This (2011)

Favorite Lyrics- It hurts my heart to see you cryI know it's dark this part of life.

10. Love You Out Loud

Album- Melt (2002)

Favorite Lyrics- Baby, I want the whole world to see  just how good your love looks on me.

9. Praying For Daylight

Album- Rascal Flatts (2000)

Favorite Lyrics- Praying for daylight, waiting for that morning sun.

8. Here

 Album- Still Feels Good (2007)

Favorite Lyrics- I know now the place that I was trying to reach was you, right here in front of me.

7. I’m Moving On

Album- Rascal Flatts (2000)

Favorite Lyrics- I've dealt with my ghost and I've faced all my demons....Finally content with a past I regret.

6. Take Me There

Album- Still Feels Good (2007)

Favorite Lyrics- Tell me about, your momma, your daddy, your home town, show me around.  I wanna see it all, don't leave anything out.

5. Fast Cars And Freedom

Album- Feels Like Today (2004)

Favorite Lyrics- You don't look a day over Fast Cars and Freedom.  That sunset river back first time feeling.

4. My Wish

Album- Me And My Gang (2006)

Favorite Lyrics- I hope that days come easy and moments pass slow, and each road leads you where you want to go.

3. What Hurts The Most

Album- Me And My Gang (2006)

Favorite Lyrics- It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go.

2. Changed

Album- Changed (2012)

Favorite Lyrics- I came up out of the water, raised my hands up to the Father.  Gave it all to Him that day felt a new wind kiss my face.

1. Life Is A Highway

Album-  Disney Pixar Cars Soundtrack (2006)

Favorite Lyrics- Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long. If you're going my way I want to drive it all night long.


Rascal Flatts are already one of the greatest country bands in history.  They are still young and still very talented and relevant.  They continue to score big on the charts and award shows year after year.  I think they will be around for a long time to come, and will release many more number one hits for both the country music genre and hopefully also the Christian music genre.  I hope this article was helpful and informative to all of you Rascal Flatts fans. If we missed one of your favorite hits tell the F&E team in the comment section below. God Bless, Jesus is King!

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