7 Active Christian Major League Baseball Players

I can’t get enough of watching celebrities living out their faith in the public eye.  It is such an inspiration and a testament to how amazing God truly is!  The world of Baseball has it fair share of men who not only strive to win baseball games, but also strive to live lives that reflect the love of Jesus into our world!

Here are 7 active Christian Major League Baseball (MLB) players who proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ!

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols is the first baseman for the LA Angels.  He’s had a very impressive career in baseball and God has blessed him with his amazing ability.

Quote – “My life’s goal is to bring glory to Jesus. My life is not mostly dedicated to the Lord, it is 100% committed to Jesus Christ and His will. God has given me the ability to succeed in the game of baseball. But baseball is not the end; baseball is the means by which my wife, Dee Dee, and I glorify God.”

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton plays right field for the LA Angels.  He is one of the most vocal men about his faith on and off the field!

Quote – “When things are going good and life is moving in the right direction, (priorities) are God first, family second, and everything else falls after that.”

Rajai Davis

Rajai Davis plays right field for the Detroit Tigers.  His faith is solid.

Quote – “It (his faith) helps me mentally, eases my mind and gives me the belief that I can go out there and be ready. I believe that God will help me be successful in whatever I do."

Chris Davis

Chris Davis plays 1st base for the Baltimore Orioles.

Quote – "We're out here trying to be the best baseball players we can be, but at the same time, there are so many more ways we can reach out to people. We can touch them on different levels. Maybe it's the way we carry ourselves and the way we go about our business off the field. God has given me the ability to go out and play the game of baseball, but anything that anybody does, anything that lets their talent shine, is through Him. You were given that ability for a reason. That's one thing that helps me keep my head on my shoulders. It's good to be respected on the baseball field, but when all is said and done, it's really about who you are on inside, and what's important to you."

Josh Fields

Josh Fields is a relief pitcher for the Houston Astros.

Quote – "In college, I got to a point where I started realizing that it wasn’t about me. I had been out there doing it for me, but it was supposed to be for God. At that point, I started praying before practice and saying, ‘Just make this practice the best practice You can and help me develop relationships with people. When you start going into sports with that attitude, you stop thinking about your personal gains. You really focus on your relationships, and, when it’s done, you can look back and say, ‘Wow, I was really blessed in that period of time because I did have the right mental attitude."

David Murphy

David Murphy plays right field for the Cleveland Indians.  He doesn’t hide his faith.  He has shares it every single game!

Quote – “Why not use every opportunity to spread the Word? I pray during the national anthem at each game. I prayed that I would be playing for His glory and not mine. It would be great if everyone knew me as David Murphy, the All-Star, or David Murphy, the World Series Champion, but I've set my priorities straight. I'd love to be looked at as David Murphy, Man of God."

Ben Zobrist

Ben Zobrist plays 2nd base for the Tampa Bay Rays.  This quote from him is so cool!

Quote – "God brought me to Himself at about the age of 4. My parents were devout believers and my Dad was in Bible College at the time. I remember hearing the gospel in Sunday School and I talked to my Mom about it one night before bed. It was clear to me that I was a sinner and I was not going to heaven if I died without accepting Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for me. I was brought to Christ out of fear of going to hell. I didn't want to go there if I died and there was only one other choice in my mind as a 4 year old. I wanted to go to heaven. It was and is that simple."


These are only 7 of the many men of faith on the field.  They all love God and share their faith in the public arena.  Who are some of your favorite Christian baseball players?  Let us know in the comments below!  God bless!

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