6 Things People Misunderstand About Christian Metal Music

Christian metal music is one of the most diverse and immersive types of music.  The lyrics, breakdowns, solos, screams/growls, double bass and sick riffs are therapy for those of us who love it!  For those who refuse to listen to metal for whatever reason, they are almost always misinformed or have pre-judged the music without even giving it a shot.  There are many misconceptions about Christian metal and hopefully this article can shed some light and refute these misconceived notions. 

All Metal Music Is Satanic

This is probably the most misunderstood part of Christian metal music and also many secular metal bands.  Yes there are lots of very aggressive melodies/rhythms/breakdowns and there is plenty of screaming/growling mixed in.  This does not mean it is Satanic.  You have to read the lyrics and see what these bands are promoting.  Impending Doom is one of my all-time favorite Christian metal bands and they are very heavy.  But, their lyrics are solid and they are sold out for Christ.  Here are some lyrics from their song “Death, Ascension, Resurrection”.

“Who do you say I am?  I Am the Alpha, Omega, beginning and end.  If only you understood, you’d know that the heart is a treasure from Heaven.  Death, ascension, resurrection!  Now look what I’ve become.  Proclaiming His name and looking down the barrel of a gun.  I’m in this for life!”

These lyrics are powerful!  These guys would gladly be martyrs for Christ!

You Can’t Understand The Lyrics

This is another false accusation.  The lyrics in many Christian metal bands are very easy to understand especially if you have an ear for this type of music.  Wolves At The Gate would be a great band to start out with if you are interested in Christian metal.  They sing quite a bit along with the screaming/growling.  Here are some lyrics from their song “Wake Up” that they sing.

“Are we fighting?  Are we fighting or are we asleep?  Are we dying?  Are we dying to aid the sheep?”

It’s Just Noise Pollution

Christian metal is far from noise pollution.  It is life!  It is what drives me to live for Jesus daily!  You can’t help but get excited as each song builds up and then, BAM, the breakdown hits!  Or the amazing solo happens!  Or there is a powerful scream that belts out praises to God!  There is nothing about this music that is polluting the air.  Don’t fear it because you don’t understand it.  Try it out!

There’s No Emotion In It

Many anti-metal people believe that Christian metal is just noise with no real feeling in it.  Sorry, but that is completely wrong.  There is tons of emotion put into metal.  The lyrics are essential and when they are mixed with powerful guitar riffs and dominating drums you can experience an amazing amount of emotion.  Living Sacrifice has always been a huge encouragement to me.  Their song “Altered Life” is about being soul embraced with God.  Tell me that is emotionless!  Here are some lyrics from that song.

“Breathing freely, function easy.  Peace of God!  Peace of God!  Needless chaos!  Cast down!  Cast off!  Liberate me!  Liberate me!...By God, soul embraced.  Death is waste.”

The Lyrics Are Meaningless

The lyrics are the absolute core of metal.  I’ve heard many secular metal songs that sounded awesome until the words hit.  Then I had to shut them off.  Christian metal isn’t like that.  I get excited knowing I won’t have to shut the music off.  The lyrics are not meaningless at all.  Again here are some lyrics from Impending Doom from their song “My Blood”.  Even without the music playing you can be praising God while reading these!

“You have strength!  You are love!  You have compassion and You have mercy!  You have wisdom!  You are ambitious!  You have life and You are worthy!  You’re a man!  You’re a lion!  You are honest and You’re important!  You are Holy and when You speak, Your words will shake the foundations of the earth!  You are my Beloved!”

Christian Metal Bands Look Scary/Mean

Remember the old man from the movie Home Alone?  Kevin McCallister was so scared of him because of the false rumors spread about him.  It wasn’t until Kevin gave the old man a chance that he grew to like him and understand him.  Christian metal bands are also misunderstood.  They are some of the most loving and caring people on the planet.  You have to take the time to check them out and even meet some of them.  Here is a posting from the band Silent Planet from their Facebook page to their fans.

“You constantly amaze us.  Piling on stage at shows.  Buying merch.  Grabbing food with us after shows.  Picking up our album in the 21st century (we still love you if you pirate it).  And now you’ve helped this video to reach 100k views.  Thank you.  We are kept alive by your grace and sustained by your hospitality.” – The video mentioned is for a song called Native Blood.


I hope this has helped clear up some of the misconceptions that you may have had about Christian metal.  You really have to take the time to listen to the lyrics and watch footage of Christian bands to see how dedicated they are and how much they really love people!  God bless!

Article by Derek Hill

I am a Christian blogger with passions in music, games and news. I enjoy all kinds of music, with my favorite being Christian metal(all kinds). Some of my favorite bands are The Devil Wears Prada,  Living Sacrifice(1997-present), and Becoming the Archetype. I enjoy many kinds of games including 1st/3rd person shooters, platformers, RPG’s and many more. I am a big fan of the multiplayer online games including the Call of Duty franchise of games. I have been saved since I was 9 years old. I am also a father of 2 beautiful children and I love it!