Danny Gokey


'If You Ain't In It - Danny Gokey Live Performance - Christian Music Videos

'I don't wanna have it all Write my story any way I want Everything will just fall apart If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it).' Christian artist Danny Gokey's amazing voice never ceases to amaze me. I am always blown away every time I hear him sing and worship the Lord. There's no doubt that this man has a God-given talent for singing and I'm so glad that he's using that gift to glorify His name. This young man truly has a heart for the Lord and it shows through every single performance. Today, Danny is performing a powerful live performance of his song ‘If You Ain’t In It’ at Air1. The message in these lyrics really hit home for a lot of people. God is truly our light and our strength. He is our compass when we are lost and the light that will always guide us home. Without Him in our lives, we would be completely lost. Love is an amazing force given from God and it can do the incredible. And when we have the Lord in our hearts, we truly rise to new heights. God is always by our side. His love is truly greater than we can ever imagine. He has given us freedom and there's no greater feeling than that. I think we can all relate to these words from Danny Gokey. Without God’s love, where would we be? There is so much to be thankful for each and every day. What an amazing way to give praise to His name.