11 New Songs For You, Right Now

Josh Wilson’s newest album That Was Then This Is Now was just released and I have been listening to it over and over again. Josh’s voice is bright and encouraging ­– something we all need during the ups and downs of everyday life. Each song is filled with truths and playing them over and over again is a great way to write God’s truths on your heart. The album provides encouragement for people going through so much. We all need God through each season we face and this album gently tackles letting go of the past and embracing your future filled with grace and love.

Here’s what I think about some of the songs. Check out the entire album of 11 songs on iTunes to experience all the truths to a modern and upbeat sound.

“That Was Then This Is Now”

Chances are you have heard this song at least once as it has been a huge hit on Christian radio stations. Josh brings beautiful imagery into the lyrics as he describes getting over your past by boxing it up like an old photograph. He sends a gentle and inviting reminder that you can let go and live in the present promises God has for us. My favorite lyric is “That was then, this is now, You're bought by the blood, saved by the Son the saints all sing about, That was lost, this is found, And it's time to say goodbye to the old you now.”

“This Is The Day”

“This Is The Day” brings a fun energy paired with lyrics that deliver truth about today being the day you will let God live through you. My favorite lyric is “If my life is in your hands then God, I’m making my plans your plans.” We were created to fulfill God’s mission, so let’s start living like it.

“Blown Away”

Right away I notice the changes in the beat and tone as Josh starts singing about the miracles from God that can blow us away. He gently shares the truth of the miracles all around us every day. My favorite lyric is “She’s dancing like a crazy fool, From the kitchen to the dining room, And she tells me, baby, Life is too short to be too cool.” “Blown Away” makes me pause at how often I miss the little miracles like wildflowers blooming endlessly as the sun shines brightly and the gentle waves wash over the white sandy beaches miles from home.

“House Divided”

The tone of “House Divided” is serious and the whistling throughout the song makes me imagine someone enduring a battle and working hard to get through it. Every day can be a battle when you feel pulled by your own selfish desires and God’s will. My favorite lyric is “I am a house divided, but I decided I’m going to fight it, I do what I want to, oh God I need you to make me new.”

“Don’t Let Go”

This song is a cry for hope and plea for God to not let go. I imagine someone wondering why they are going through endless battles and what it all means. Things happen in life and we can be left without answers as to why. Don’t let go and don’t give up because God has all the details of His plan for you worked out. My favorite lyric is “It’s hard to believe you right now, Questions keep cramming you out, And I’ve fallen in love with my doubts instead of You.”

“Grace Upon Grace”

My favorite song on the album is “Grace Upon Grace”. It’s an uplifting worship song filled with truths about whom we are as Christians and what it means to understand God’s grace. My favorite lyric describes the message in this song: “It seems impossible, A love unstoppable, It just won’t give up on me, You left he 99 to find a heart like mine, It’s all the proof I need.”


Overall I give That Was Then This Is Now high marks as it touches on many aspects of our faith journey with Christ. Miracles. Surrender. Fearlessness. Change. Grace. Josh brings an experience of what all of these mean as you say, “Yes” to Christ and let go of whatever is holding you back. You can buy the entire album now on iTunes. Be sure to follow Josh on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on tour dates and receive more daily encouragement.

Article by Elise Cleary

I'm a Christian writer and editor residing in northern Michigan and thoroughly enjoy Christian centered music, movies, TV shows and books. A favorite song is "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" by Hillsong United and I find many songs by Matt Maher, Tim Timmons, Third Day, Laura Story, Jeremy Camp and numerous other artists uplifting. A few of my favorite Christian movies include God's Not Dead, The Shunning, Do You Believe and many by the Kendrick brothers. When I'm not writing, I enjoy running, experimenting in the kitchen and spending time with my musically gifted husband and spunky daughter. I am so blessed and in awe of the work God is doing throughout the Christian entertainment industry.