11 Contemporary Christian Thanksgiving Songs

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year! For sports fans, we watch the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys play football against different teams. For Christians alike, we celebrate all of the things we are grateful for. We celebrate Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! Here is a list of 11 songs that bring “thankful” thoughts into our minds and hearts.

11. Give Thanks, Don Moen

Favorite Lyric – “Give thanks with a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son.”

10. Thankful Heart, Petra

Favorite Lyric – “I have a thankful heart that You have given me and it can only come from You. There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel. There's nothing more I can say, and no way to repay. Your warming touch: that melts my heart of stone. Your steadfast love - I'll never be alone.”

9. Blessed Be Your Name, Matt Redman

Favorite Lyric – “Blessed be Your Name in the land that is plentiful, where Your streams of abundance flow, blessed be Your name. Blessed be Your Name, when I'm found in the desert place, though I walk through the wilderness, blessed be Your Name.”

8. Thank You Lord, Don Moen

Favorite Lyric – “With a grateful heart, with a song of praise, with an outstretched arm, I will bless Your name. Thank You, Lord. I just wanna thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. I just wanna thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.”

7. Indescribable, Chris Tomlin

Favorite Lyric – “Indescribable, uncontainable You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name. You are amazing, God. Incomparable, unchangeable You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same. You are amazing, God. You are amazing, God.”

6. Thankful, Darlene Zschech

Favorite Lyric – “You take me by the hand, and when I don't understand You hold me near. You hold me near. To the cross I come again, I'm so thankful. I'm thankful. Your mercy over me again: I'm so thankful, living God. I want to thank you, living God.”

5. Thanksgiving Song, Mary Chapin Carpenter

Favorite Lyric – “Grateful for this sheltered place with light in every window. Saying, ‘welcome, welcome, share this feast. Come in away from sorrow.’ Father, mother, daughter, son, neighbor, friend and friendless: all together everyone in the gift of loving-kindness.”

"The Truth" Psalm 18:30 This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

4. Worthy Is The Lamb, Hillsong United

Favorite Lyric – “Thank you for the cross, Lord. Thank you for the price You paid, bearing all my sin and shame. In love You came and gave amazing grace. Thank you for this love, Lord. Thank you for the nail pierced hands. Washed me in Your cleansing flow. Now all I know, Your forgiveness and embrace.”

3. Everybody Praise The Lord, Lincoln Brewster

Favorite Lyric – “I thank the Lord for what, for what He's done in us. I thank the Lord for His love. I thank the Lord for what He's gonna do in us from the Heavens above. I thank the Lord for the smile that He's put on my face. I thank the Lord for His grace. I thank the Lord for the joy that He has given to me ‘cuz now I know that I am really set free.”

2. Life of Praise, Casting Crowns

Favorite Lyric – “But I'll praise You, for You are holy, Lord. And I'll lift my hands but You are worthy of so much more. For You are awesome. God of the nations, Lion of Judah, rock of the ages, Alpha, Omega, You're worthy of all praise. More than these hands I'll raise, I'll live a life of praise. I'll live a life of praise.”

1. Thank You, Hillsong United

Favorite Lyric – “Thank You for Your kindness. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for the cross. Thank You for the price You paid. Thank You for salvation. Thank You for unending grace. Thank You for Your hope. Thank You for this life You gave. There is no one like You. There is no one like You, God. All my hope is in You Jesus, Jesus.”


I hope you have enjoyed this list of 11 songs that can bring a “thankful” attitude to you. Being thankful to all of the blessings that God provides should be a natural reaction for us, but what about the hard times? We should still be thankful even then because we have Jesus Christ of Nazareth as our advocate! He bled and died on the cross for us so that we can all have eternal life in Heaven! Praise His Almighty Name! Amen!

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Resources- ESV Holy Bible, youtube.com, photo credit: Wei Hsu via photopin cc