101 Best Christian Artists Of All Time

Christian music is a blossoming industry right now and the reason for that is the number of flourishing talented artists that have sprung up over the last three decades. Both male and female artists alike are releasing hit after hit. There is no shortage on Christian contemporary bands either, with veteran groups like Mercy Me and Third Day still producing hit albums, we have also seen the recent emergence of groups like Sanctus Real and Tenth Avenue North that have great music and a positive message. This is a list counting down the 101 greatest Christian artists of all time featuring the artist’s name, albums, and hit singles. Enjoy the countdown and tell the F&E team who your favorite of all time is in the comment section at bottom.

101. Kristian Stanfill

Albums:  “Attention”, “Day After Day”, “Mountains Move”

Hit Singles:  “Day After Day”, “Always”

100. Unspoken

Albums:  “Unspoken”, “Get To Me”

Hit Singles:  “Who You Are”

99. Matt PaPa

Albums:  “You Are Good”, “Your Kingdom Come”, “This Changes Everything”

Hit Singles:  “Open Hands”, “To The Least Of These”

98. Don Francisco

Albums:  “Brother To The Son”, “Forgiven”, “Got To Tell Somebody”, “The Traveler”,”The Live Concert”, “Holiness”, “One Heart At A Time”, “The Power”, “High Praise”, “Vision In The Valley”

Hit Singles:  “He’s Alive”, “Adam, Where Are You?”, “I’ll Never Let Go”, “Steeple Song”, “I Could Never Promise”, “Too Small A Price”, “Got To Tell Somebody”, “Love Is Not A Feeling”

97. Mikeschair

Albums:  “Mikeschair”, “A Beautiful Life”

Hit Singles:  “Someone Worth Dying For”, “Keep Changing The World”, “Let The Waters Rise”, “All For You”, “You Loved Me First”,”Can’t Take Away”, “A Beautiful Life”, “Straight To Your Heart”, “Love Won’t Quit On Us”

96. Andrus, Blackwood, & Company

Albums:  “Grand Opening”, “Following You”, “Live”, “Soldiers Of The Night”, “Step Out Of The Night”, “Holiday”

Hit Singles:  “Never Be”, “Stone’s Throw Away”, “Following You”, “Jesus, You’re So Wonderful”, “The Captain And Me”, “You Are My Everything”

[caption id="attachment_5029" align="alignleft" width="360"] "Matt Hammitt is the lead singer of Sanctus Real. He released his solo debut album "Every Falling Tear" in 2011 which included the hit single "All Of Me" which is written about his son."[/caption]

95. Matt Hammitt

Albums:  “Every Falling Tear”(Debut Solo Album From Lead Singer Of Sanctus Real)

Hit Singles:  “All Of Me,” “Holding You,” “Trust,” “You Are My Treasure”

94. Fireflight

Albums:  “For Those Who Wait”, “Unbreakable”, “The Healing Of Harms”, “Glam-Rock”, “On The Subject Of Moving Forward”

Hit Singles:  “Unbreakable”, “Forever”, “Stay Close”, “For Thos Who Wait”, “Desperate”, “Wrapped In Your Arms”, “Stand Up”, “You Decide”, “What I’ve Overcome”, “Now”

93. Jason Castro

Albums:  “Only A Mountain”, “Jason Castro”, “Who I Am”, Changing Colors: Jason Castro”

Hit Singles:  “Over The Rainbow”, “Hallelujah”, “Only A Mountain”, Let’s Just Fall In Love”, “You Are”, “That’s What I’m Here For”, “What If I Fall”, “Enough”

92. Flyleaf

Albums:  “New Horizons”, “Memento Mori”, “Flyleaf”,

Hit Singles:  “All Around Me”, “I’m So Sick”, “Fully Alive”, “Again”, “Cassie”, “New Horizons”, “Fire Fire”, “Broken Wings”, “There For You”

91. John Waller

Albums:  “While I’m Waiting”, “As For Me And My House”, “The Blessing”

Hit Singles:  “Our God Reigns Here”, “The Marriage Prayer”, “While I’m Waiting”, “The Blessing”, “As For Me And My House”

90. Living Sacrifice

Albums:  “The Infinite Order”, “The Hammering Process”, “Conceived In Fire”, “Inhabit”, “Nonexistent”, “In Memoriam”

Hit Singles: “Reject”, “Bloodwork”, “Symbiotic”, “Reborn”, “Inhabit”, “Rules Of Engagement”, “In Christ”

"The Truth" Zechariah 14:9 And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one.

89. Jesus Culture

Albums:  “Everything”, “Come Away”, “Your Love Never Fails”

Hit Singles:  “Your Love Never Fails”, “Break Every Chain”, “Rooftops”, “Holy”, “One Thing Remains”, “Let It Rain”, “Fill Me Up”

88. Sara Groves

Albums:  “Add To The Beauty”, “Invisible Empires”, “The Other Side Of Something”, “Tell Me What You Know”, “Fireflies And Songs”, “Past The Wishing”, “Conversations”

Hit Singles:  “He’s Always Been Faithful”, “Something Changed”, “When The Saints”, “It’s Going To Be Alroght”, “When It Was Over”, “I Saw What I Saw”, “Open My Hands”, “You Are The Sun”, “Eyes On The Prize”

87. Jonny Diaz

Albums:  “More Beautiful You”, “Everyday God”, “Stand For You”, “They Need Love”

Hit Singles:  “Scars”, Beauty Of The Cross”, “Other Guys”, “Stand For You”, “More Beautiful You”

86. Luminate

Albums:  “Welcome To Daylight”

Hit Singles:  “Heal This Home”, “Love Is Loud”, “Never Give Up”, “Banner Of Love”, “Welcome To Daylight”

85. Colton Dixon

Albums:  “A Messenger”

Hit Singles:  “You Are”, “Never Gone”, “Everything”, “Scars”

84. Aaron Shust

Albums:  “Anything Worth Saying”, “This Is What We Believe”, “Whispered And Shouted”, “Take Over”

Hit Singles:  “My Savior My God”, “My Hope Is In You”, “Give It All Away”, “Give Me Words To Speak”, “To God Alone”, “Watch Over Me”, “Risen Today”, “Carry Me Home”, “Come To Me”, “Like I Never Felt Before”, “Matchless”, “This Is What We Believe”, “Stars Will Fall”, “Wondrous Love”

83. Cloverton

Albums:  “The End Is The Beginning”

Hit Singles:  “Hallelujah”, “Take Me Into The Beautiful”, “God Help Me To Be”, “The End Is The Beginning”

82. LeCrae

Albums:  “Gravity”, “Rehab”, “Rebel”, “Real Talk”

Hit Singles:  “Tell The World”, “Don’t Waste Your Life”, “Lord Have Mercy”, “Background”, “Just Like You”, “Go Hard”, “God Is Enough”, “Praying For You”

81. 33 Miles

Albums:  “One Life”, “33 Miles”, “Today”, “Believe”

Hit Singles:  “Thank You”, “Arms That Hold The Universe”, “Jesus Calling”, “There Is A God”, “What Could Be Better”. “What Grace Looks Like”, “I Loved You Then”, “Where I Wanna Go”, “No Greater Love”, “The Best Man”, “My Offering”

80. August Burns Red

Albums:  “Leveler”, “Messengers”, “Constellations”, “Thrill Seeker”

Hit Singles:  “Meddler”, “Carol Of The Bells”, “Composure”, “Marianas Trench”, “White Washed”, “Back Burner”, Internal Cannon”, “Crusades”

79. Dave Barnes

Albums:  “What We Want”, “What We Get”, “Me And You And The World”, “Brother”, “Bring The Sun”, “Three Then Four”

Hit Singles:  “What I Need”, “10,000 Children”, “Until You”, “On A Night Like This”, “Loving You Loving Me”, “I Have And Always Will”, “Carry Me Through”, “Nothing Fancy”, “God Gave Me You”

78. Francesca Batistelli

Albums:  “Hundred More Years”, “My Paper Heart”, “Hundred More Years”

Hit Singles:  “Strangely Dim”, “Beautiful Beautiful”, “This Is The Stuff”, “Free To Be Me”, “Angel By Your Side”, “It’s Your Life”, “Lead Me To The Cross”, “Hundred More Years”

77. Ginny Owens

Albums:  “Life Light Up”, “Into the Glorious”

Hit Singles:  “How I Love You”, “Already All I Need”, “Healing is In Your Hands”, “Your Love is Moving”, “Love Can Build a Bridge”

76. Finding Favour

Albums:  “Finding Favour,” “Slip On By”

Hit Singles:  “Hallelujah We Shall Rise,” “I Am,” “Open Hands,” “Love Stepped In,” “Slip On By,” “Hero,” “Shake The World

75. Kari Jobe

Albums:  “Where I Find You”, “Kari Jobe”, “Throneroom Worship”, “Bethlehem”, “Around My Way”

Hit Singles:  “You Are For Me”, “Steady My Heart”, “Revelation Song”, “We Are”, “Healer”, “What Love Is This”, “The More I Seek You”, “Love Came Down”, “Find You On My Knees”

74. Todd Agnew

Albums:  “Reflection Of Something”, “Grace Like Rain”, “Better Questions”, “Do You See What I See?”, “Breath Of God”

“The Truth" Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.

Hit Singles:  “Grace Like Rain”, “My Jesus”, “Our Great God”, “This Fragile Breath”, “God Undefeatable”, “The One You Want”, “Come Ye Sinners”, “Joy Unspeakable”, “Blood On My Hands”

73. Addison Road

Albums:  “Stories”, “Addison Road”, “Some Kind Of Spark”, “Breaking Beautifully”, “Not What You Think”

Hit Singles:  “Hope Now”, “What Do I Know Of Holy”, “This Little Light Of Mine”, “Sticking With You”, “Fight Another Day”, “Won’t Let Me Go”, “All That Matters”, “Don’t Wait”, “Change In The Making”, “Need You Now”

72. Natalie Grant

Albums:  “Love Revolution”, “Awaken”, “Deeper Life”, “Relentless”, “Believe”, “Stronger”, “Christmas To Believe In”

Hit Singles:  “Alive”, “Your Great Name”, “Held”, “In Christ Alone”, “The Real Me”, “I Will Not Be Moved”, “In Better Hands”, “Power Of The Cross”, “Greatness Of Our God”, “Always Be Your Baby”, “Human”, “I Believe”, “Perfect People”, “Safe”, “Days Like These”

71. Jason Gray

Albums:  “A Way To See In The Dark”, “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue”, “All The Lovely Losers”

Hit Singles:  “Remind Me Who I Am”, “Good To Be Alive”, “Nothing Is Wasted”, “More Like Falling In Love”, “Good To Be Alive”

70. Disciple

Albums:  “O God Save Us All”, “Scars Remain”, “This Might Sting A Little”, “My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy”, “Southern Hospitality”

Hit Singles:  “Dear X, You Don’t Own Me”, “Game On”, “Dive”, “Love Hate”, “Things Left Unsaid”, “The Wait Is Over”, “Draw The Line”, “Rise Up”, “Remedy”, “O God Save Us All”

69. J.J. Heller

Albums:  “Songs that I Know”, “Collection of Thoughts”, “Only Love Remains”, “Wake up the World”, “Pretty and the Plain”, “Painted Red”, “When I’m With You”, “Deeper”, “Loved”

Hit Singles:  “What Love Really Means”, “Your Hands”

68. Peter Furler

Albums:  “On Fire”

Hit Singles:  “Reach,” “Matter Of Faith,” “I’m Alive”

67. The Afters

Albums:  “I Wish We All Could Win,” “When The World Is Wonderful,” “Never Going Back To Ok,” “Light Up The Sky”

Hit Singles:  “Beautiful Love,” “Light Up The Sky,” “Lift Me Up,” “Ocean Wide,” “Say It Now,” “Summer Again,” “Myspace Girl,” “We Are The Sound,” “Until The World,” “I Am Yours,” “All That I Am,” “You,” “Keeping Me Alive,” “For The First Time”

[caption id="attachment_5031" align="alignleft" width="300"] "Check out Rebecca St. James rocking a live audience.  Did you know she is the sister of the brother duo known as 'For King And Country.'" "Check out Rebecca St. James rocking a live audience. Did you know she is the sister of the brother duo known as 'For King And Country.'"[/caption]

66. Rebecca St. James

Albums:  “Refresh My Heart”, “Rebecca St. James”, “God”, “Christmas”, “Pray”, “Transform”, “Worship God”, “If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something”, “I Will Praise You”

Hit Singles:  “Yes I believe God”, “No Secrets”, “Pray”, “As We Wait”, “River of Life”, “Wait for Me”, “Reborn”`

65. The City Harmonic

Albums:  “Introducing The City Harmonic,” “I Have A Dream”

Hit Singles:  “Manifesto,” “I Have A Dream,” “Mountaintop,” “Holy (Wedding Day)”

64. Hillsong

Albums:  "

Hit Singles:  “Mighty To Save”, “I Surrender”, “Oceans”, “From The Inside Out”

63. Josh Wilson

Albums:  “Carry Me”, “Life Is Not a Snapshot”, “Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup”, “Shake The Shadow”

Hit Singles: “Before The Morning”, “I Refuse”, “Fall Apart”, “Saviour Please”, “Amazing Grace”, “3 Minute Song”, “It Is Well”, “Something Got To Change”, “Shine On Us”, “How To Fall”

62. Shawn McDonald

Albums:  “Simply Nothing”, “Live In Seattle”, Scattered Pieces”, “Ripen”, “The Analog Sessions”, “Focal Point”, “Closer”, “Here There Everything In Between”, “Roots”, “Double Take”

Hit Singles:  “Rise”, “Take My Hand”, “What Are You Waiting For”, “Closer”, “Beautiful”, “Gravity”, “All I Need”, “Open Me”, “Captivated”, “Faithful”, “The Space Between Us”, “Don’t Give Up”, “Here I Am”, “Freed”, “Clarity”

61. Hillsong United

Albums:  “Live In Miami”, “A Beautiful Exchange”, “The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One”, “Aftermath”, “Look To You”

Hit Singles:  “Hosanna”, “Lead Me To The Cross”, “Awesome God”, “None But Jesus”, “Sovereign Hands”, “From The Inside Out”, “The Stand”, “Freedom Is Here”

60. As I Lay Dying

Albums:  “An Ocean Between Us”, “The Powerless Rise”, “Shadows And Security”, “Decas”, “Frail Words Collapse”

Hit Singles:  “The Sound Of Truth”, “Meaning In Tragedy”, “Through Struggle”, “Nothing Left”, “A Greater Foundation”, “I Never Wanted”, “Confined”, “Morning Waits”, “94 Hours”, “Forsaken”, “Parallels”, “Forever”, The Darkest Nights”

59. Jaci Velasquez

Albums:  “Help Me”, “Keep the Fire Burning”, “Heavenly Place”, “Jaci Velasquez”, “Llegar A Ti”, “Crystal Clear”, “Mi Corazon”, “Christmas”, “Navidad”, “Unspoken”, “Milagro”, “Mi Historia Musical”, “Beauty Has Grace”, “On My Knees: The Best of Jacki Velasquez”, “Open House”, “Love Out Loud”, “Diamond”, “Buenas Noches Mi Sol”

Hit Singles:  “On My Knees”, “I Will Rest in You”, “God So Loved”, “Speak for Me”, “Imagine Me Without You”, “Un Lugar Celestial”

58. Imperials

Albums:  “This Year’s Model”, “Let The Wind Blow”, “Follow The Man With The Music”, “One More Song For You”, “Stand By The Power”, “Sail On”, “Who’s Gonna Love Me”, “Big Good”, “Stir It Up”, “Love Is The Thing”, “Free The Fire”, “Priority”

Hit Singles:  “Praise The Lord”, “Water Grove”, “Sail On”, “Eagle Song”, “Who’s Gonna Love Me”, “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”, “One More Song For You”, “The Trumpet Of Jesus”, “I Just Came To Praise The Lord”,

57. Caedmon’s Call

Albums:  “Long Line Of Leavers”, “In The Company Of Angels”,” Overdressed”, “Share The Well”, ’40 Acres”

Hit Singles:  “God Of Wonders”, “Thankful”, “We Delight”, “shifting Sand”, “Step By Step”, “Share The Well”, “Love Alone”, Covenant Song”, “Before There Was Time”, “Faith My Eyes”, “The Rich Song”, “Only Hope”, “Warrior”, “Draw Me Nearer”

56. Laura Story

Albums:  “Indescribable”, “There is Nothing”, “Great God Who Saves”, “Blessings”

Hit Singles:  “Indescribable”, “Blessings”, “Mighty to Save”, “Bless the Lord”

55. Superchick

Albums:  “Karaoke Superstars,” “Regeneration,” “Beauty From Pain,” “Rock What You Got,” “Reinvention”

Hit Singles:  “Stand In The Rain,” “Hold,” “Hero,” “Get Up,” “Courage,” “One More,” “We Live,” “One Girl Revolution,” “Cross The Line,” “Rock What You Got,” “Crawl,” “Hey Hey,” “Beauty From Pain,” “Alive,” “Big Star Machine”

54. Building 429

Albums:  “Listen To The Sound,” “Space In Between Us,” “Iris To Iris,” “Glory Defined: The Best Of Building 429,” “Preflight,” “Building 429,” “Rise,” “Flight”

Hit Singles:  “Where I Belong,” “Right Beside You,” “Listen To The Sound,” “You Carried Me,” “Glory Defined,” “Made For You,” “Always,” “The Space In Between Us,” “No One Else Knows,” “Searching For A Savior,” “Fearless,” “I Believe/Jesus Is The Answer,” “One Foot,” “Walls Are Coming Down,” “I Believe”

53. The David Crowder Band

Albums:  “A Collision,” “Church Music,” “Can You Hear Us?,” “The Remedy,” “All I Can Say”

Hit Singles:  “The Glory Of It All,” “Come Thou Fount,” “O Praise Him,” “How He Loves,” “Thank You For Hearing Me,” “Doxology,” “I Saw The Light,” “How Great,” “Here Is Our King,” “Oh, Happiness,” “Everything Glorious,” “No One Like You,” “Undignified,” “Never Let Go,” “Open Skies”

52. CeCe Winans

Albums:  “Alone in His Presence”, “Everlasting Love”, “His Gift”, “Alabaster Box”, “CeCe Winans”, “Throne Room”, “Purified”, “Thy Kingdom Come”, “Songs of Emotionals Healing”, “For Always: The Best of CeCe Winans”

Hit Singles:  “Well Alright”, “Slippin”, “On That Day”, “Say a Prayer”, “Thy Will Be Done”, “Alabaster Box”

51. Pillar

Albums:  “Metamorphosis,” “Original Superman,” “Above,” “Fireproof,” “Where Do We Go From Here,” “The Reckoning,” “For The Love Of The Game,” “Confessions”

Hit Singles:  “Frontline,” “Fireproof,” “Bring Me Down,” “Shine,” “For The Love Of The Game,” “Hypnotized”

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50. Matt Redman

Albums:  “Facedown,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “We Shall Not Be Broken,” “The Father’s Song,” “Beautiful News”

Hit Singles:  “10,000 Reasons,” “The Heart Of Worship,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “You Never Let Go,” “Nothing But The Blood,” “Never Once,” “We Are The Free,” “Once Again,” “Here For You,” “You Alone Can Rescue,” “Holy,” “Better Is One Day,” “Endless Hallelujah,” “Rememberance,” “The Father’s Song”

49. Phillips, Craig, And Dean

Albums:  “Favorite Songs Of All Time,” “Top Of My Lungs,” “Breathe In,” “Let My Words Be Few,” “Hope For All The World,” “Fearless,” “Phillips, Craig, And Dean,” “The Worship Collection,” “Where Strength Begins,” “Lifeline,” “Repeat The Sounding Joy,” “My Phillips,” “Craig And Dean Playlist,” “The Ultimate Collection,” “Restoration,” “Let The Worshippers Arise,” “Trust”

Hit Singles:  “Great I Am,” “Revelation Song,” “When The Stars Burn Down,” “You Are God Alone,” “When God Ran,” “Let My Words Be Few,” “Christ Is Crucified,” “Your Name,” “Mercy Came Running”

48. Bill Gaither

Albums:  “Kennedy Center Homecoming”, “All Day Singing”, “Bill & Gloria Gaither Present A Billy Graham Music Homecoming”

Hit Singles:  “He Touched Me”, “Amazing Grace”, “Worthy The Lamb”, “The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference”, “Because He Lives”, “It Is Well With My Soul”, “Let Freedom Ring”, “Thank You”, “Yes, I Know”, “Through It All”

47. Group1Crew

Albums:  “Outta Space Love,” “Ordinary Dreamers,” “Group1Crew”

Hit Singles:  “He Said,” “His Kind Of Love,” “Forgive Me,” “Live It Up,” “Movin’,” “Goin Down,” “Keys To The Kingdom,” “Walking On The Stars,” “Please Don’t Let Me Go,” “Manipulation,” “Wait,” “Breakdown,” “The Difference,” “Can’t Go On”

46. Nicole Nordeman

Albums:  “Wide Eyed”, “This Mystery”, “Woven & Spun”, “Live at the Door”, “Brave”, “Recollection: The Best of Nichole Nordeman”, “Nichole Nordeman: The Ultimate Collection”

Hit Singles:  “Beautiful for Me”, “Because of Love”, “Brave”, “Finally Free”, “Fool for You”, “Healed”, “I Believe”, “Legacy”, “To Say Thanks”

45. Seventh Day Slumber

Albums:  “Once Upon A Shattered Life,” “Finally Awake,” “Take Everything,” “The Anthem Of Angels,” “Picking Up The Pieces,” “Freedom From Human Regulations,” “Matthew 25”

Hit Singles:  “Awake,” “From The Inside Out,” “Surrender,” “Last Regret,” “I Am Not The Same,” “Caroline,” “When The Children Cry,” “Lead Me To The Cross,” “How Great Is Our God,” “Oceans From Rain,” “Mighty To Save,” “Wasted Life,” “Candy,” “Every Saturday,” “Missing Pages”

44. Matt Maher

Albums:  “The Love In Between,” “Alive Again,” “Empty & Beautiful,” “The End And The Beginning,” “Welcome To Life,” “Overflow,” “Silent Night”

Hit Singles:  “Christ Is Risen,” “Hold Us Together,” “Litany,” “Rememberance,” “Alive Again,”

43. John Mark McMillan

Albums:  “Hope Anthology”, “The Song Inside The Sounds of Breaking Down”, “The Medicine”, “Economy”

Hit Singles: “I Dreamed There Was A Fountain”, “Skeleton Bones”, “How He Loves”

42. Stellar Kart

Albums: “Expect The Impossible,” “All Gas,” “No Brake,” “We Can’t Stand Sitting Down,” “Everything Is Different Now,” “Life Is Good: The Best Of Stellar Kart”

Hit Singles: “Me And Jesus,” “Life Is Good,” “Innocent,” “A Love Song,” “Something Holy,” “We Shine,” “Activate,” “Jesus Loves You,” “Everything Is Different Now,” “Shine Like The Stars,” “Procrastinating,” “Hold On,” “Letters,” “Automatic,” “All My Heart”

41. Robbie Seay Band

Albums:  “Give Yourself Away,” “Better Days,” “Ten Thousand Charms,” “Robbie Seay Band Live,” “Miracle,” “Dreamer”

Hit Singles:  “Song Of Hope,” “Beautiful, Scandalous Night,” “Shine Your Light On Us,” “Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go,” “Rise,” “Let our Faith Not Be Alone,” “Come Ye Sinners,” “Miracle,” “Kingdom And A King,” “Awaken My Soul,” “Your Love Is Strong,” “We Are Not Alone,” “Stay,” “Lament,” “O Great Love”

40. Mandisa

Albums:  “True Beauty”, “What if We Were Real”, “Freedom”, “Christmas Joy”, “It’s Christmas”

Hit Singles:  “What if We Were Real”, “Waiting for Tomorrow”, “My Deliverer”, “Stronger”, “Good Morning”

39. Chris August

Albums:  “No Far Away,” “The Upside Of Down”

Hit Singles:  “Restore,” “Starry Night,” “Center Of It,” “7x70,” “Battle,” “Loving Is Easy,” “The Candy Wrap,” “It’s Always Been You,” “The Upside Of Down,” “Jesus Savior,” ‘You And I,” “Amen,” “This Side Of Heaven,” “I Believe,” “Want To Be Real”

38. Citizen Way

Albums:  “Should’ve Been Me”

Hit Singles:  “Should’ve Been Me,” “How Sweet The Sound,” “Nothing Ever,” “Live,” “Love Is The Evidence,” “Songs”

37. Remedy Drive

Albums:  “Remedy,” “Daylight Is Coming,” “Light Makes The Way,” “Rip Open The Skies,” “Magnify”

Hit Singles: “All Along,” “Daylight,” “Better Than Life,” “Resuscitate Me,” “Heartbeat,” “Glory,” “God I Hope So,” “What Are We Waiting For,” “Make It Bright,” “Speak To Me,” “Stand Up,” “Hope,” “Crystal Sea,” “Valuable,” “Upgrade”

“The Truth" John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. <strong

36. Audio Adrenaline

Albums:  “Audio Adrenaline,” “Underdog,” “Some Kind Of Zombie,” “Until My Heart Caves In,” “Don’t Censor Me”

Hit Singles:  “King,” “Big House,” “Leaving,” “Dirty,” “Get Down,” “Hands And Feet,” “Ocean Floor,” “Underdog,” “Leaving 99,” “Goodbye,” “Some Kind Of Zombie,” “The Houseplant Song,” “Summertime,” “Kings And Queens”

35. Carl Gustav Boberg

Hit Singles:  “How Great Thou Art”

34. Sidewalk Prophets

Albums:  “Sidewalk Prophets,” “You Love Me Anyway,” “These Simple Truths,” “Live Like That”

Hit Singles:  “The Words I Say,” “You Can Have Me,” “Hope Was Born This Night,” “You Love Me Anyway,” “Live Like That”

33. Lincoln Brewster

Albums:  “Let The Praises Ring”, “All To You: Live”, “Live To Worship”, “Arise: A Celebration of Worship”

Hit Singles:  “Today Is The Day”, “Psalm 91”, “Everlasting God”, “More Than Amazing”, “Love The Lord”, “God You Reign”, “Surrender”, “Amazed”, “The Power of Your Name”, “Here I am To Worship”, “Reaching For You”

32. Michael English

Albums: “Michael English”, “Hope”, “Freedom”, “Gospel”, “Heaven To Earth”, “A Michael English Christmas”

Hit Singles:  “In Christ Alone”, “Midnight Cry”, “I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy”, “Mary, Did You Know”, “Had It Not Been”, “Heaven”, “Holding Out Hope For You”, “I Surrender All”

31. Big Daddy Weave

Albums:  “Love Come To Life,” “What Life Would Be Like,” “Every Time I Breathe,” “Christ Is Come”

Hit Singles:  “Redeemed,” “Love Come To Life,” “Every Time I Breathe,” “Let It Rise,” “Audience Of One,” “What Life Would Be Like,” “Field Of Grace,” “You Found Me,” “Trust And Obey,” “Hold Me Jesus,” “Jesus Move,” “If You Died Tonight,” “You’re Worthy Of My Praise,” “Stay,” “Overwhelmed”

30. Out Of Eden

Albums:  “Lovin’ The Day,” “No Turning Back,” “This Is Your Life,” “More Than You Know,” “Love,Peace, & Happiness,” “Out Of Eden: The Hits”

Hit Singles:  “Every Move I Make,” “Here’s My Heart,” “Lovely Day,” “Meditate,” “Soldiers,” “Different Now,” “Have Mercy,” “River,” “Now I Sing,” “Day Like Today,” “I Know,” “Praise You,” “Love, Peace, & Happpiness,” “Window,” “This Is Your Life”

29. Barlow Girl

Albums:  “Another Journal Entry,” “How Can We Be Silent,” “Our Journey…So Far,” “Home For Christmas,” “Barlow Girl”

Hit Singles:  “Never Alone,” “I Need You To Love Me,” “Beautiful Ending,” “Mirror,” “Hope Will Lead Us On,” “Enough,” “Surrender,” “Sing Me A Love Song,” “Porcelain Heart,” “Average Girl,” “Hallelujah,” “Thoughts Of You,” “Psalm 73,” “Keep Quiet”

28. For King And Country

Albums:  “Crave”

Hit Singles:  “Busted Heart,” “Light It Up,” “Crave,” “Proof Of Your Love,” “Middle Of Your Heart,” “Baby Boy,” “One Fine Life”

27. Phil Keaggy

Albums:  “Beyond Nature”, “The Master & The Musician”, “Crimson And Blue”, “Acoustic Sketches”, “The Wind And The Wheat”

Hit Singles:  “2nd Avenue”, “The Wind And The Wheat”, “A Walk Home”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “Highland”, “Salvation Army”, “The True Believers”, “What A Day”, “Above All Things”, “Rise Up O Men Of God”, “Maker Of The Universe”, “Pilgrim’s Flight”

[caption id="attachment_5030" align="alignleft" width="500"] "Jeremy Camp is a staple of the Christian music industry, he has many hit singles." "Jeremy Camp is a staple of the Christian music industry, he has many hit singles."[/caption]

26. Jeremy Camp

Albums:  “Burden Me,” “Stay,” “Carried Me: The Worship Project(2004),” “Restored(2004),” “Beyond Measure,” “Speaking Louder Than Before,” “We Cry Out: The Worship Project,” “Christmas: God With Us,” “Reckless”

Hit Singles:  “Take You Back,” “Lay Down My Pride,” “Open Up Your Eyes,” “Tonight,” “Give Me Jesus,” “Give You Glory,” “There Will Be A Day”

25. Keith Green

Albums:  “The Ministry Years”, “Songs For The Shepherd”, “No Compromise”, “So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt”, “I Only Want To See You There”, “Jesus Commands Us To Go”, “The Keith Green Collection”, “The Prodigol Son”, “Here I Am”, “Make My Life A Prayer To You”

Hit Singles:  “Create In Me A Clean Heart”, “Your Love Broke Through”, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, “There Is A Redeemer”, “Make My Life A Prayer To You”, “Easter Song”, “Asleep In The Light”, “Oh Lord You’re Beautiful”

24. Britt Nicole

Albums:  “Say it”, “The Lost Get Found”, “Gold”

Hit Singles:  “Holiday”, “Last Christmas”, “Come What May”, “Set the World on Fire”, “When She Cries”, “Walk on Water”

23. Kutless

Albums:  “Hearts Of The Innocent,” “Kutless,” “It Is Well,” “Sea Of Faces,” “Strong Tower”

Hit Singles:  “What Faith Can Do,” “Even If,” “Strong Tower,” “Promise Of A Lifetime,” “Take Me In,” “Carry Me To The Cross,” “Remember Me,” “All Who Are Thirsty,” “Everything I Need,” “Not What You See,” “Sea Of Faces,” “All The Words,” “We Fall Down,” “It Is Well,” “Better Is One Day”

22. Michael W. Smith

Albums:  “A New Hallelujah”, “Healing Rain”, “Worship Again”, “Change Your World”, “This Is Your Time”

Hit Singles:  “Above All”, “Awesome God”, “Here I AM To Worship”, “Friends”, “Breathe”, “Let It Rain”, “I Will Be Here For You”, “Freedom Battle”, “Prayer For Taylor”, “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”, “You Are Holy”, “Healing Rain”, “The Giving”

21. Stephen Curtis Chapman

Albums:  “First Hand,” “Real Life Conversations,” “More To This Life,” “For The Sake Of The Call,” “The Great Adventure,” “The Live Adventure,” “Heaven In The Real World,” “The Music Of Christmas,” “Signs Of Life,” “Greatest Hits,” “Speechless,” “Declaration,” “All About Love,” “All Things New,” “Christmas Is All In The Heart,” “The Abbey Road Sessions,” “All I Really Want For Christmas,” “This Moment,” “Beauty Will Rise,” “Creation,” “Joy”

Hit Singles:  “Weak Days,” “His Eyes,” “Cinderella,” “Do Everything,” “Speechless,” “Be Still And Know,” “With Hope,” “His Strength Is Perfect,” “Dive,” “Fingerprints Of God,” “How Love Wins,” “Long Way Home,” “When Love Takes You In,” “Lord Of The Dance,” “The Walk,” “Beauty Will Rise,” “Live Out Loud,” “Much Of You,” “Magnificent Obsession,” “I Believe In You,” “See,” “The Great Adventure,” “What Now?” “I Will Be Here,” “The Mountain,” “Not Home Yet,” “ How Do I Love Her,” “Miracle Of The Moment,” “Burn The Ships,” “His Eyes,” “Our God Is In Control”

20. Newsboys

Albums:  “Born Again,” “In The Hands Of God,” “Adoration: The Worship Album,” “Not Ashamed,” “Take Me To Your Leader”

Hit Singles:  “God’s Not Dead,” “Something Beautiful,” “In Christ Alone,” “He Reigns,” “You Are My King,” “Your Love Never Fails,” “I Am Free,” “Born Again,” “Shine,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “Breakfast,” “Mega Mix,” “It Is You,” “The League Of Incredible Vegetables,” “In The Belly Of The Whale”

19. DC Talk

Albums:  “DC Talk,” “Nu Thang,” “Free At Last,” “Jesus Freak,” “Supernatural”

Hit Singles:  “In The Light,” “What If I Stumble,” “Jesus Freak,” “Consume Me,” “Supernatural,” “Colored People,” “Say The Words”

18. Skillet

Albums:  “Comatose,” “Awake,” “Collide,” “Alien Youth,” “Rise,” “Invincible,” “Skillet,” “Hey, You I Love Your Soul”

Hit Singles:  “Monster,” “Hero,” “Awake And Alive,” “Whispers In The Dark,” “Rebirthing,” “Falling Inside The Black,” “Comatose,” “The Last Night,” “Lucy,” “Those Nights,” “One Day Too Late,” “Never Surrender,” “Live Free Or Let Me Die,” “Savior,” “Believe”


Albums:  “The Outsiders,” “The Heat,” “Daylight,” “A Collection Of The Fire And Turnaround EP’s,” “Live Horses EP,” “The Feature”

Hit Singles:  “Something Beautiful,” “Keep Your Eyes Open,” “Wahsed By The Water,” “Lay’Em Down,” “Devil’s Been Talkin’,” “More Time,” “Slumber,” “The Outsiders,” “Girl Named Tennessee,” “Shine On,” “Drive All Night,” “A Place Only You Can Go,” “Let Us Love,” “Signature Of Divine”

16. Hawk Nelson

Albums:  “Crazy Love,” “Letters To The President,” “Live Life Loud,” “Smile, It’s The End Of The World,” “Hawk Nelson….Is My Friend!,” “

Hit Singles:  “Words,” “Bring ‘Em Out,” “Live Life Loud,” “Friend Like That,” “Crazy Love,” “Everything You Ever Wanted,” “Hello,” “California,” “Alleluia,” “I Still Miss You,” “Zero,” “Shaken,” “The One Thing I Have Left,” “Take Me”

15. Matthew West

Albums:  “Into The Light,” “Something To Say,” “The Story Of Your Life,” “More”

Hit Singles:  “Hello, My Name Is,” “Forgiveness,” “When I Say I Do,” “Strong Enough,” “The Motions,” “Family Tree,” “My Own Little World,” “More,” “Save A Place For Me,” “You Are Everything,” “Broken Girl,” “Only Grace,” “The Day Before You,” “Hold You Up,” “One Last Christmas”

14. Switchfoot

Albums:  “Vice Verses,” “Hello Hurricane,” “Learning To Breathe,” “The Beautiful Letdown,” “Nothing Is Sound”

Hit Singles:  “Meant To Live,” “Dare You To Move,” “Dark Horses,” “You,” “Your Love Is A Song,” “Only Hope,” “This Is Home,” “This Is Your Life,” “We Are One Tonight,” “Learning To Breathe,” “Gone,” “Stars,” “On Fire,” “Afterlife”

13. Plumb

Albums:  “Plumb”, “Candycoatedwaterdrops”, “Chaotic Resolve”, “Blink”, “Need You Now”

Hit Singles:  “Sobering (Don’t Turn Around)”, “Free”, “Hang On”, “Need You Now”

12. Brandon Heath

Albums:  “Leaving Eden,” “What If We,” “Don’t Get Comfortable,” “The Night Before Christmas”

Hit Singles:  “Give Me Your Eyes,” “Jesus In Disguise,” “Love Never Fails,” “Your Love,” “I’m Not Who I Was,” “Wait And See,” “Leaving Eden,” “The Light In Me,” “Might Just Save Your Life,” “He Paid It All,” “The Harvester,” “Our God Reigns,” “Now More Than Ever,” “It’s Alright,” “Blue Mountain”

11. Twila Paris

Albums:  “Little Twila Paris”, “Knowin' You're Around”, “Keepin' My Eyes On You”, “The Warrior Is A Child”, “Kingdom Seekers”, “Same Girl”, “For Every Heart”, “It's The Thought”, “Cry For The Desert”, “Sanctuary”, “A Heart That Knows You”, “Beyond A Dream”, “The Time Is Now”, “The Early Years”, “Where I Stand”, “Perennial: Songs For The Seasons Of Life”, “True North”, “Signature Songs”, “Bedtime Prayers”, “Greatest Hits: Time & Again”, “House of Worship”, “8 Great Hits”, “Simply”, “He Is Exalted: Live Worship”, “Ultimate Collection”, “Looking Up”, “Small Sacrifice”, “God Shed His Grace”

Hit Singles:  “He is Exalted”, “Lamb of God”, “Holy is the Lord”, “Send Me”, “How Beautiful”, “God is in Control”

10. Rich Mullins

Albums:  “Behold The Man”, “Rich Mullins”, “Pictures In The Sky”, “Winds Of Heaven, Stuff of Earth”, “Never Picture Perfect”, “The World As Best I Remember it”, “Brother’s Keeper”, “Canticle Of The Plains”

Hit Singles:  “Awesome God”, “Screen Door”, “Step By Step”, “Creed”, “Hold Me Jesus”, “Calling Out Your Name”, “If I Stand”, “Sometimes By Step”, “I See You”, “Sing Your Praise To The Lord”, “The Color Green”, “Here In America”, “Elijah”

9. Sanctus Real

Albums:  “Say It Loud,” “Fight The Tide,” “The Face Of Love,” “We Need Each Other,” “Pieces Of A Real Heart,” “Run”

Hit Singles:  “Promises,” “Lead Me,” “Forgiven,” “The Redeemer,” “Whatever You’re Doing,” “I’m Not Alright,” “Eternal,” “We Need Each Other,” “Run,” “Take Me Over,” “The Face Of Love,” “Don’t Give Me Up,” “Beautiful Day,” “Keep My Heart Alive,” “Everything About You”

“The Truth" Philippians 1:6 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

8.. Toby Mac

Albums:  “Eye On It,” “Tonight,” “Portable Sounds,” “Welcome To Diverse City,” “Christmas In Diverse City”

Hit Singles:  “Tonight,” “City On Our Knees,” “Funky Jesus Music,” “Changed Forever,” “Lose My Soul,” “J Train,” “Break Open The Sky,” “Wonderin’,” “Afterword,” “Me Without You,” “Ignition,” “Little Drummer Boy,” “The First Noel,” “Get Back Up,” “Burn For You”, “Steal My Show”

7. Tenth Avenue North

Albums: “The Light Meets The Dark,” “Over And Underneath,” “Speaking Of Silence,” “Don’t Look Back,” “The Struggle”

Hit Singles:  “Worn,” “By Your Side,” “You Are More,” “Losing,” “Healing Begins,” “Beloved,” “Times,” “Love Is Here,” “Hold My Heart,” “The Struggle,” “Strong Enough To Save,” “Hallelujah,” “Oh My Dear,” “Let It Go,” “On And On”

6. Casting Crowns

Albums:  “Come To The Well,” “Until The Whole World Hears,” “The Altar And The Door,” “Lifesong,” “Casting Crowns”

Hit Singles:  “Who I Am,” “Glorious Day,” “Praise You In This Storm,” “East To West,” “Slow Fade,” “Set Me Free,” “Voice Of Truth,” “If We Are The Buddy,” “Courageous,” “Jesus, Friend Of Sinnes,” “Already There,” “Does Anybody Hear Her,” “Lifesong,” “Until The Whole World Hears,” “Let Me Feel You Shine,” “Blessed Redeemer”

5. Jars Of Clay

Albums:  “Jars Of Clay,” “The Long Fall Back To Earth,” “Good Monsters,” “The Shelter,” “If I Left The Zoo”

Hit Singles:  “Love Song For A Savior,” “Flood,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love,” “Worlds Apart,” “Dead Man,” “The Valley Song,” “God Be Merciful To Me,” “Sunny Days,” “Oh My God,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” “Like A Child,” “Work,” “Two Hands”

4. Amy Grant

Albums:  “Amy Grant”, “My Father’s Eyes”, “Never Alone”, “Age to Age”, “Straight Ahead”, “Unguarded”, “Lead Me On”, “Heart in Motion”, “House of Love”, “Behind the Eyes”, “Legacy Hymns and Faith”, “Simple Things” “Rock of Ages Hymns and Faith”, “Somewhere Down the Road”, “How Mercy Looks from Here”

Hit Singles:  “Age to Age”, “Angels”, “Ageless Medley”, “Baby, Baby”, “Lead Me On”, “My Father’s Eyes”, “Better Than a Hallelujah” , “El Shiddai”

3. Third Day

Albums:  “Miracle,” “Move,” “Revelation,” “Wherever You Are,” “Wire,” “Offerings 2: All I Have To Give,” “Come Together,” “Time,” “Offerings 1: A Worship Album,” “Conspiracy No. 5,” “Third Day”

Hit Singles:  “I Need A Miracle,” “Cry Out Jesus,” “Born Again,” “Love Song,” “Offering,” “Carry My Cross,” “Thief,” “Children Of God,” “Revelation,” “Your Love Oh Lord,” “King Of Glory,” “Trust In Jesus,” “Show Me Your Glory,” “Communion,” “You Are So Good To Me”

2. Chris Tomlin

Albums:  “Inside Your Love,” “Authentic,” “Too Much Free Time,” “The Noise We Make,” “Not To Us,” “Arriving,” “See The Morning,” “Hello Love,” “Glory In The Highest: Christmas Songs Of Worship,” “And If Our God Is For Us…,” “How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection,” “Burning Lights”

Hit Singles:  “Our God,” “Whom Shall I Fear,” “I Will Rise,” “How Great Is Our God,” “Amazing Grace,” “Jesus Messiah,” “I Will Follow,” “Lord, I Need You,” “God Of This City,” “The Wonderful Cross,” “Crown Him,” “Holy Is The Lord,” “Here I Am To Worship,” “God’s Great Dance Floor,” “Your Grace Is Enough”

1. Mercy Me

Albums:  “The Generous Mr. Lovewell,” “All That Is Within Me,” “Almost There,” “The Christmas Sessions,” “Coming Up To Breathe”

Hit Singles:  “I Can Only Imagine,” “You Are I Am,” “The Hurt And The Healer,” “Beautiful,” “Word Of God Speak,” “Homesick,” “Move,” “Love Of God,” “Bring The Rain,” “All Of Creation,” “Finally Home,” “God With Us,” “Here With Me,” “Nails In Your Hands,” Lord I Lift Your Name On High”

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It is great to see Christian music taking off the way it is right now. It is always uplifting and inspiring when listening to the Word of God through song. My favorite part of the Christian music experience is that you can share it with your children without worrying about bad language coming across the airwaves. I hope you found this article helpful and informative, God Bless!

Resources- The Holy Bible, English Standard Version“Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”, www.youtube.com, photo credit: Ray Majoran via photopin cc, photo credit: martinhoward via photopin cc, photo credit: Ray Majoran via photopin cc, photo credit: Jiaren Lau via photopin cc