10 Best Christian Rappers/Hip Hop Artists

For the longest time it somehow escaped me that my two most favorite genres of music could somehow be combined. Poetic lyrics and biblical truth put together to a thumping beat? That was, to me, a perfect union.So for those of you, who like me, enjoy finding new and fresh ways to be inspired, I urge you to explore this list. The list is broken down in such a way that if you're new to hip hop, or even a fan looking for new favorites, you can reference it and immediately recognize the artist you need to hear more from. These are the artists and songs I turn to for those times when I need a little inspiration, a touch more encouragement, or a reminder of the Savior. I guess you could call it my hip-hop survival kit. Enjoy.

*Labels below:

Island Song- If you could only listen to one song on repeat, this is the song that would most represent the artists style and message.

Best Hip Hop Lyric-  The lyric that best highlights the artists combined lyrical skill and ability to incorporate the word of God.

Pastoral Lyric- Lyric that could be be translated to a sermon or pastoral message.

10. Dre Da Flame

Island Song: Hit em UP

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "Now call the Dr. I have a swag infection, I’m immune to that antidote, I don’t care what anybody says, God is good and my life is dope."

Pastoral Lyric: the love of God is all I need

Best place to listen to this song: When you have a thousand things on your mind and can’t quite think them through,  put this song on and let all worries drift.. After listening to this song turned up high volume, you'll be ready and determined to get back to the grind.

9. Flame

Island Song: Move

Best Hip Hop Lyric:" Fearing God and not man, that's the ingredients..."

Pastoral Lyric: Jesus says, If you love me then you will keep my commandments

Best place to listen to this song: This is the song to start any dance party off right. A great dance beat and lyrics that inspire.

8. Andy Mineo

Island Song: In My City

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "We are soldiers in the army, our sergeant, he is. Our weapons are not carnal."

Pastoral Lyric: Praise you in our reflection. The way they see us love one another is our distinction..."

Best place to listen to this song: When self doubt is overtaking you. When you feel held back from being the best you...the God made you.

7. Canon

Island Song: 10 Toes Deep

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "Come sip that water we drinking, it will make your life so rich, Cause in hell it’s too late where dehydration exists"

Pastoral Lyric: I’m only giving the truth that will correlate with the Bible

Best place to listen to this song: This should be the last song on your cardio work out play list. When it would be so easy to give up and everything in you wants to quit. Turn up the volume, dig in,and finish strong, 10 toes deep.

6. Tedashii

Island song: 26’s

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "Self-proclaimed kings bragging cause they on chrome, but 26 inches is a pretty low throne."

Pastoral Lyric: The things on this Earth should not be placed over Him, the only One who gave us His life.

Best place to listen to this song: This should be added to any road cruise play list. Listen to it on the highway, with the windows rolled down and the fresh air in your face. Don't forget to turn those speakers up.

5. Trip Lee

Island Song: Young and Unashamed

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "Cats don’t really understand, they think I lost my mind ;They hood on they back, but I rock a cross on mine."

Pastor Lyric: Now I’m walking with Christ, what a beautiful thing.

Best place to listen to this song: The first cookout of the season. This smooth beat is guaranteed to get your mind right and make you feel thankful for your surroundings.

4. Da’ T.R.U.T.H

Island Song: lights

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "Will there be light at the end of this tunnel, for the rest of my life I will remember this struggle"

Pastor Lyric: But I ask that You forgive me , please hold no grudges.

Best place to listen to this song: When you need the motivation to tackle that project you've been putting off or when you need a reminder that God uses our struggles to make us strong.

3. Richie Righteous

Island Song: Who You Represent

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "I love all sinners and I don’t discriminate, but when it comes to sin, I refuse to participate."

Pastor Lyric: Take up the Cross, deny yourself, and follow Me.

Best place to listen to this song: If you have some heavy lifting  that needs done or a to-do list ten pages long, this is the song that will get you through. Say a prayer, push play, and get ready to turn in to the Incredible Hulk.

2. Canton Jones

Island Song: Stay Saved

Best Hip Hop Lyric: "Just because I'm Christ like, doesn’t mean I'm mice like"

Pastor Lyric: I’m going to stay saved. Even though I'm hot as fire, I'm going to love you anyhow.

Best Place to listen to this song: It's Friday at work. You cannot take one more assignment, a customer was nasty to you, a coworker stole your parking spot and your boss is breathing down your neck. You need this job for your family and want to remain in your Christian walk. Take your lunch break and push play on this song. You'll walk back in with your head held high, feeling refreshed and back on your game.

1. Lecrae

Island song: Jesus Muzik

Best Hip Hop Lyric: Would you rather hear a song about shiny coupes, nope Non-fat non-gat non-killa rap, 100% Christ da blood spilla rap

Pastor Lyric: Jesus Christ, The king of the Jews.

Best place to listen to this song: Cruising in your car, hopefully with the top down.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your favorite type of music, it cannot be denied that to some, there is no better way to worship than feeling God through song. Christian artists are especially good at using their lyrical gifts to evoke feeling because their messages often grow from spiritual and life experiences.  Christian Hip Hop artists are changing the game in that their experiences can reach an entirely new group of listeners who may be fans of the rap genre but have not yet come to know Christ. God uses every avenue to reach he ones He loves and what better way to come to know him than through the power of a great song. Here's hoping the list above helps you to find Him today.

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