Youth Group Outings:  Top 7 Locations to Visit

Were you involved with a youth group when you were in junior high or high school? I was, and I can remember taking trips to “Christ In Youth” conferences and to camp sites around the area. I have many awesome memories from that time of life. The high school years are a very impressionable time of life for adolescents. If you are involved in youth ministry in any capacity, please remember to be real with your kids. They want to see someone who is a sinner saved by grace. Here are 7 different locations where you can have fun and serious heart-to-heart conversations with your kids about Jesus.

7. Indoor Water Park

Sometimes your youth group needs to go out for a weekend of fun. Indoor water parks are a great way to do this. Who doesn’t want to throw their kids into a pool! Kids can learn trust simply by having fun. Being a youth leader is about being “real” 24/7. Showing your fun side is a great way to be real with your youth group.

6. Christian Concert

Christian concerts are a great way to experience God. They are fun, loud and a total group effort! Concerts emphasize worship through singing and many of your kids may not sing on their own, but they will in a crowd. It is a beautiful thing to catch glimpses of your youth raising their hands to God and extoling Him through song. After the concert is over take time to talk with them about how they felt God moving in their hearts as they sang.

5. Christian College Retreat

For your youth in high school, take time to plant seeds for the next step of life, college. Plan a trip to the nearest Christian campus around you. Let your kids see what Christian college life looks life. They will be able to sit in on classes, which by the way are amazing! Every class is like listening to a sermon. They will be able to hang out in the dorms and see what student housing is all about. They will be able to meet some of the staff and even attend worship services in the campus chapel. This is an opportunity you don’t want your kids to miss. It may be the reason they decide to not attend a secular university.

4. Church Lock In

Yes! Planning a lock in at your church can be an awesome experience! These are some of the best times that your kids will remember. You can even plan your lock in around certain events, like the “30 Hour Famine”, where you fast for 30 hours and rely on God’s strength completely to get you through. Lock ins provide you a perfect opportunity to allow a godly man to take the boys aside and a godly woman to take the girls aside for some serious heart-to-heart talks about Jesus! Kids want to be heard and when you make time for them, they will love you for it!

3. Youth Leader’s Home

This is not a get-a-way by any means, but it is one of the best places for your youth to go to. Invite them over on a Friday night for a bonfire and games. Let them have fun being kids and then set them down for a life lesson from God. Kids see Jesus in those that give of themselves. So, give of yourself and open up your home to them. Make them feel like your own kids!

2. Christian Youth Conference

Christian youth conferences are wonderful events. During the day, your kids can decide which classes they want to attend while they are there and they will definitely hear Jesus proclaimed in a mighty way. Later in the evening there is usually a worship service, or Christian concert, for some one on one time with God through music and singing. This is one of those times some of your kids will remember forever.

1. Camping

I think that camping is the number 1 thing you can do with your youth group. Take them on a long hike and explore the beauty of creation around you. Talk with your kids along the hike about life. Be interested in what is important to them. You might learn something from them along the way! In the evening time, sit by the fire and sing some songs with the guitar. Have the youth gaze at the stars and be amazed at how brightly they shine away from all of the city lights. And of course, after some serious worship time has ended, preach the word of God and dive into some prayer time with the kids.


These are my top 7 places you can take your youth group. Your kids can have fun at all of these places and they can hear Jesus’ name preached at the same time. What are some of your fond memories of youth group? Where are some places you have gone or would like to go with your youth group? Let us know in the comments below! God bless you all!

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Resources- Youtube, photo credit: battlecreekcvb via photopin cc