Willie Robertson Faith, Bio, & Quotes

It’s official and has been for a while now: Duck Dynasty has taken over America. Or at least the aisles of Walmart where the fun loving family is emblazoned across everything from beach towels to dental floss. Despite recent controversies, the Robertson’s and their extended family continue to draw viewers with their blend of family values, faith, and fun. The President of the duck call business that put the family on the map is none other than the bearded, bandana wearing Willie Robertson. Though he’s often seen shaking his head as the mischief his family gets into, he can also be seen bowing it at the head of his family’s table at the end of every episode. Read on to find out more about this man who is a leader when it comes to business, but a follower when it comes to Christ.


Born April 22, 1972 to Phil and Kay Robinson, Willie joined two older brothers, Alan and Jase. Brother Jep joined the family six years later and the four Robertson brothers spent their days in the woods outside their small family home. They have spoken of the days before their father’s business making duck calls became a success, sharing that the brother’s all slept in one room and that the family was extremely poor. Despite financial hardship, Willie maintains that their childhood was a happy one. He learned to hunt and fish and work together with his brothers at a young age. That camaraderie would later be put to good use when the family company, Duck Commander, began to grow.  Familiar with the process of building the duck calls, Willie assisted in completing orders and handling small business tasks. He also did his part to help the family by selling the fish he caught at the market with his mother, stating that it was there that he learned to “negotiate for the best price.” With all of that childhood business experience it is little wonder that when the time came to pursue a higher education, Willie chose to major in business while attending Harding University in his home state of Louisiana. While in college, he married his high school sweetheart, Korie, and the two started a family that would grow to include five children: John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella, and Rebecca, an exchange student who became a foster daughter, from Taiwan. After college, Willie worked in business and spent time as a youth pastor before stepping into the family business. He used the skills he’d acquired during his time in school to take Duck commander from a small company to a multimillion dollar business. He is currently the company’s CEO, as well as the executive producer of the show centered around the business, A&E’s, Duck Dynasty.


The entire Robertson family is open about their love of the Lord and their duty to profess that faith during their time in the limelight and beyond. Willie’s father, Phil, has long been a popular Christian speaker and his son is once again following in his father’s footsteps. Willie has been a featured speaker at his alma mater, Harding University, as well as with the St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball organization and has a cameo in the upcoming film, God’s Not Dead. At every opportunity, Willie has used his celebrity as a platform to profess his faith. During his speech at Harding University, Willie talked about what he holds truly important and why fame will never be his source of security, stating,

“When you have a hope that you’re going to Heaven, everything on this Earth seems very small.”

 Additional Willie Robertson Quotes

Jesus is God’s son and we are his adopted children.”

“At the end of the day, we're always fine. We are a strong family. We're not all alike, and we don't always agree. We may have arguments and scream and fight. But we always come back together around the dinner table.”

“Being with your family keeps you grounded, and if anyone starts getting a big head somebody else will remind them of who they are and what they came from.”

“What separates me from the guys I know, is knowing this (the Bible).”

“The coolest thing I’ve ever done, the thing I’m most proud of, is my marriage.”

Final Thoughts

Willie Robertson is a man that believes that by putting God first, family second and success behind both, you will find happiness in all three.  Though fame has granted him many opportunities and wealth has given him financial security, Willie is an American success story because he has remained the same through it all: A man of solid business principles, family values, and a faith in God as his ultimate commander.

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