The Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Album Of The Year (So Far)

Nate Feuerstein, known as NF, is a new rap and hip-hop artist with an incredible amount of raw energy in his music. Originally from Gladwin, Michigan, NF has overcome an unreal amount of pain and anger in his life. You can hear it in the lyrics, which describe the tremendous abuse as a child, years of being angry, and losing his mother to a drug overdose. He is open about real life struggles some people endure, and those who have experienced injustice or abuse in any form can connect with his music. NF doesn’t sugar coat the reality of life, but instead shows how relying on God to get through the tough times brings you life. His style is his own, with clean lyrics and songs that bring glory to God. I already love his style and how he channels his anger into his music.

NF’s debut album, Mansion, is out now and includes 12 songs. He has already gained a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Check out the video, The Story Behind Mansion, on YouTube to learn more about NF and the inspiration for Mansion:

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The tracks on the debut album are diverse, will leave you energized, and keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s a quick preview of a few songs before you dive in.


Favorite Lyrics

And when I say dope I ain't talkin' 'bout smokin’
I'm talkin' 'bout music that has an emotion
I look at this mic, it's part of my family
Take it away, I'm comin' to find you


Ever go through a breakup that you don’t quite understand? “Wait” is about a guy fighting to hold onto his girlfriend and not wanting to let go.

Favorite Lyrics

I'm holding on to pieces of us
That I just can't let go
I know this is a desperate kind of love
But it feels like it's home
Where you going? (Where you going?)
I'm holding on to pieces of us
Cause I just can't let go

“Wake Up”

“Wake Up” talks about living in a dream that you can’t escape. NF is encouraging you to wake up and realize there is so much more to life than what you are currently experiencing.

Favorite Lyrics

You make a lot of money and you live in a mansion
and pretty much got everything that you could ever imagine
but you feel like even though your got everything in the world, you've got nothing


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NF is incredibly talented and I’m thankful that he chose music and God to overcome his past. I’m sure it’s not easy to be real about what haunts you, but thank you. NF shows that you can find a positive and God-centered outlet to overcome what you think may be too much for others to handle. Check out NF. Now. Go! Do you relate to NF’s background or already love one of his songs?

Article by Elise Cleary

I am a Christian writer and editor that lives in northern Michigan and thoroughly enjoy music, movies, TV shows, books and other entertainment with a Christian focus. My favorite song is "Oceans" by Hillsong United because it reminds me that has big plans for me and everyone else who puts their trust in Him. There are many movies that have impacted my life, but a few include God's Not Dead, The Shunning and Letters to God. When I'm not writing I enjoy watching movies and laughing with my busy toddler and husband.