'The Miracle Season' - Inspiring True Story Turns Into Movie

'The Miracle Season' - Inspiring True Story Turns Into Movie

In 2010, Iowa City West High School won its first state title under the leadership of their vivacious and spirited setter Caroline Found. Beyond the court, Caroline was known for her infectious laugh and compassion – often befriending girls on the other team. She was the school’s heart and soul.

Caroline was killed in an accident on her way home the following year. Her father, Dr. Ernie Found, and Iowa City West was crushed. A close-knit community went into mourning. But this is a true story of joy and triumph, not sadness.

Caroline’s father, Ernie Found is a man of deep faith, and his relationship and trust in God is unshakable. In spite of his loss and grief, Ernie Found’s prayer to God was one of thanksgiving – he thanked God for being blessed and for the wonderful years he had with Caroline.

Ernie along with team coach Kathy Bresnahan motivated Caroline’s dispirited teammates back to the volleyball court. Ernie encouraged everyone not to give in to their grief - but to open themselves to hope, and to “Live Like Line.” The girls rallied and against all odds found themselves back in the run for the championship - with a community inspired by their resilience and desire to honor Caroline.

This inspiring true story will be shared in the upcoming movie The Miracle Season in theaters this coming April 6.