Trailer For Pure Flix Film 'Finding Faith'

Trailer For Pure Flix Film 'Finding Faith'

The official trailer for the faith-based Pure Flix film “Finding Faith” has been released.

Most people will encounter their fair share of difficult and trying situations in their lifetime. No one will be able to escape this life unscathed. Life will leave its scars and even batter and bruise. Unfortunately, there will be instances when tears will be shed.

However, while there will no doubt be painful experiences in this life, none will likely compare to the hurt and pain associated with a strained or failing marriage. That marriage relationship is intended to be our closest relationship with someone on earth. Whenever those bonds break or are about to sever completely, it hurts. 

But what God has joined together once, He can certainly do so again. However, as the trailer for the new Pure Flix film “Finding Faith” shows, it will require an extraordinary amount of work and effort on our part.

The trailer for the film opens in a situation and a place where many couples can find themselves in their marriage. Both have become so consumed with their jobs, with their positions eating up too much of their time. As a result, there is little time left over for each other. Things have gotten so bad for Victoria and Billy that she comments, “We hardly know each other anymore.”

But before Victoria gives up on her marriage and calls it quits, she gets a bit of advice from her father. He tells her, “Maybe there is someone who can help you.” In the next scene, Victoria is walking down the center aisle of a church.

Marriage, like anything worthwhile in life, is challenging and requires both parties' constant attention and hard work. Also, like every other situation and circumstance, God is always by our side, walking right beside us, even when rough and painful patches exist in our relationships.

Genesis 2:24 “For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh.”

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