Women's Choir Sings 'I Will Follow Him' From The Sister Act

If you adored the movie, you will fall in love with this video when Valley Rock Voices sing ‘I Will Follow Him’ from the Sister Act film. If you want to hear a choir that has an explosive groundbreaking wall of sound paired with foot-tapping tunes, you’ll appreciate their rendition of ‘I Will Follow Him.’

Valley Rock Voices is a contemporary choir based out of South Wales. It was born six years ago under the direction of director Cervys Bevan and boasts 200 members. With that many voices, it’s no wonder they have an impressive octave range. The video begins in a somber fashion as they begin to sing, and they sound like a heavenly choir. It seems as if they are ending the song, but the piano beat picks up and we know what will happen next. The choir begins their version of the song from the Sister Act. You can’t help but smile and tap your foot along to the music. The choir begins to dance as they sing and the nostalgia of the song brings us back to the moment in the 1992 film, Sister Act. This film became an overnight sensation and brought in over #231 million. 

Whoopi Goldberg stars as Delores who disappointed the nuns when she was in school. 24 years later, she is singing in Las Vegas when she becomes a key witness to a crime. Overnight, she is put under witness protection and is brought back to Saint Katherine's Parish. Sadly, the neighborhood has gone downhill and the choir itself is also struggling. When Reverend Mother discovers Dolores can sing, Mother insists Dolores take over the choir as the director. Begrudgingly Dolores accepts but she decides to put her own spin on worship music. She mixes gospel music with modern-day hits and brings life back into the choir.

Rock Valley Voices absolutely knocked this song out of the park. You can’t help but get up and say, “Praise the Lord. I will follow you forever and always.” 

As they were walking along, someone said to Jesus, “I will follow you wherever you go,” Luke 9:57


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