First Look At Uplifting ‘Just In Time’ Film

First Look At Uplifting ‘Just In Time’ Film

The official trailer for the faith-based film “Just in Time” gives viewers a glimpse of the emotional new motion picture.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in life. It’s a rewarding, life-long journey between two people committed to staying together through life’s ups and downs. However, as great as marriage is, it’s also one of the most challenging things we’ll ever do on this Earth.

Marriage is a relationship involving two people. While compatibility is important in a marriage, agreement on every topic is impossible. That often means two different opinions and ideas on most subjects, which can often lead to fights and bickering. Marriage requires compromise and the ability to say, “I’m sorry,” and seek forgiveness from the other person occasionally. 

Also, outside forces and situations will try and test a marriage's strength and resiliency. Marriage requires 100 percent commitment and plenty of work. But like anything else in life, nothing good is easy, and marriage is certainly one of the best things about life. 

The trailer for the film “Just in Time” begins with a married couple who have seemingly drifted apart. The husband tells his wife, “We haven’t been on the same page for months,” and that “they need a break.” 

The wife, devastated by the current state of her marriage, calls out to God, seeking His guidance and wisdom to repair her relationship. Soon after, the woman strikes up a friendship with an elderly gentleman who provides her with time-tested, sage advice.

Later in the trailer, another character tells the husband, "It’s going to take something bigger than yourself to fix your marriage.” The very next shot shows people gathered on a beach as a cross stands in the background.

“Just In Time,” according to the clip’s description, begins streaming on Great American Pure Flix on April 12.

Mark 10:9 “Let not that which has been joined together by God be parted by man.”

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