Little Boy's Baptism Goes Hilariously Wrong

This little boy has the whole congregation laughing when his baptism takes a hilarious turn.

It’s truly a blessed moment when someone makes the decision to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and give themselves to Him. Young Ethan was ready to hand his whole heart over to Jesus.

Even though he knew that he wanted to be baptized, there was still one thing that seemed to be holding Ethan back. This funny guy wasn't one hundred percent sure about this whole going under water thing.

When the day in church came for his baptism, this youngster was determined to commit his life to the Lord. But as Ethan got in the baptistry, his nerves started to take over.

As Pastor Bobby started to dip Ethan backwards, the boy grabbed ahold of the wall. Even as the pastor continued to reassure Ethan, he couldn’t help but resist.

Well thankfully, Pastor Bobby is a seasoned pro and he knew what needed to be done. Just watch as he lifts young Ethan up for this hilarious ‘WWE style’ baptism. He even sprinkles a little bit of water over his head at the end ‘just to make sure.’

After watching this funny clip, you can't help but smile! This Pastor knew what was in Ethan’s heart and he wasn't about to let fear stop this little boy from becoming a member of the congregation.

Ethan’s baptism is sure to be a moment that no one in this church will ever forget. Welcome to the family Ethan!

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