Man Creates Stunning Works Of Art Using The Sun And A Magnifying Glass

Man Creates Stunning Works Of Art Using The Sun And A Magnifying Glass

This man uses the sun to make magnificent art pieces!

In this clip of the Kelly Clarkson show, Kelly interviews Michael Papadakis, a creative artist who uses the sun to make some amazing pieces. It is almost hard to believe he made these with just the sun and a magnifying glass. 

During the interview, Michael says that he has been an artist for many years and went to college for fine arts. In 2012, he went on a long journey from South Korea to Greece. He says he “knew that I wanted to travel and create art. So I needed to find a tool that I could fit in my pack without taking up too much weight.”

He then goes on to say one day he felt the sun beating down on his head and realized he could use the sun in his art. 

What creative thinking! Michael picked up a magnifying glass and started to create artwork with it. He tells Kelly that it can take between 1 to 40 hours for each piece and that he can create the art whether it is cold or hot out, as long as there is sun. 

After noticing that so many people would watch him and ask him how he did what he did, he started to teach this type of art to other people, including children. Giving them advice and direction on how to use the sun to make art themselves. 

Michael is a great example of using what you have access to and finding beauty in all things. God created the sun, the world, and everything in it and we as his people can find beauty in his creation. Just as Michael has done. 

“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” - John 1:3 

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