College Students' Sweet Surprise Leaves Beloved Security Guard Overwhelmed

College Students' Sweet Surprise Leaves Beloved Security Guard Overwhelmed

A security guard was immediately emotionally overwhelmed when a group of college students presented him with a sweet surprise.

This world is a sad and broken place filled with hurting and struggling people. People can inflict pain and cruelty upon one another. However, despite what the news and any number of websites may lead you to believe, there are still kind and generous individuals walking on this earth. Not everything good has wholly evaporated and ceased to be.

Individuals can still show kindness and love to others in various ways. While social media is generally a wasteland, it still features some moving and loving unexpected acts of kindness. One of those such acts came, as they always seem to, from a surprising source: college students.

In a clip posted on YouTube, a group of college students approach a security guard sitting behind a desk. As the text in the video clarifies, the security guard has family in Nigeria that he has not seen for many years. 

Well, these students have come up with a loving solution. The young man in the clip tells the security guard that the students started a GoFundMe page, spread the word and eventually raised enough money to send the security guard to visit his family.

After hearing the news and being presented with the gift and a card, the security guard is overcome with emotion. He literally falls out of his seat and onto the floor. 

What a loving and generous move from the young people who obviously care very much for the security guard.

Most people believe that young people are self-centered and vain and don’t concern themselves with things like the feelings and comfort of others. However, this video shows that that is not the case at all. Sure, some are that way, but there are still good and caring people around us, even college students.

Proverbs 11:17 “The man who has mercy will be rewarded, but the cruel man is the cause of trouble to himself.”

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