Woman's Birthday Bash Goes Viral As Donny Osmond Makes Unforgettable Entrance

Woman's Birthday Bash Goes Viral As Donny Osmond Makes Unforgettable Entrance

One woman couldn’t contain her surprise and excitement when Donny Osmond made an unforgettable and unexpected entrance during her birthday bash.

Most people have a favorite singer, actor, athlete, or writer they’d love to meet. Individuals love and appreciate their work so much that they would love to tell them in person. They’d love to pick their brain, asking how they did this or that. An encounter like that would make someone’s day, possibly even their entire year. 

For most of the population, meeting those people will never happen for one reason or another. However, some people are lucky enough to meet their personal heroes. Getting an autograph and a selfie with that individual seems to be a mandatory protocol whenever this happens. 

However, one woman got much more than a photo to post on social media when she met her favorite singer and celebrity crush. A video posted on social media shows a woman losing her mind when Donny Osmond surprised her by showing up at her 60th birthday party.

In the short, 1-minute-long clip, the woman sits in the center of the room, looking joyously at her phone. The text in the video reads that she was looking at a personalized video Donny made for her birthday.

However, the entire time she is watching the video from Donny, he is right behind her. She has absolutely no idea that her celebrity crush and favorite singer is inches from her.

When she eventually turns around and sees who is behind her, she loses it. She gets up from the chair and starts screaming excitedly. The clip ends with Donny giving the woman a big hug.

It’s pretty safe to say that she loved her family’s big birthday surprise!

Romans 15:13 “Now, may the God of hope make you full of joy and peace through faith, so that all hope may be yours in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

@shimmy_4kimmi That time we surprised my mom with her celebrity crush for her 60th bday. She deserved this so much!! 😭❤️ #donnyosmond #mom #bestday ♬ original sound - shimmy_4kimmi

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