Lauren Daigle Shares Powerful Gospel Message With Prison Inmates

One of the most talented and popular musicians in Christian music, Lauren Daigle, shared a powerful Gospel message with prison inmates.

The world is a broken place filled with lost, hurting and struggling people. Ever since sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, it has done nothing but cause death and destruction. Sin and its repercussions have ruined lives and torn apart families. 

Everyone is a sinner. The Bible states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However, even while we were still in our sin, God still loved us. He even sent his one and only Son to earth to die on the cross, taking our place and all our sins and shame on Himself. 

That’s how much God loves and still loves sinners and those who have willfully turned away from Him. While God cannot and will not bless and approve sin, He still loves sinners. He constantly reaches out and chases after them. It was that message of God’s enduring love that Lauren shared with a group of female inmates.

In a clip posted on social media, Lauren visited and played for a group of inmates. She also states in the short clip that, surprisingly, one of her favorite places to visit is prison. 

The video shows Lauren putting on a concert for the women. The beautifully written lyrics about God’s unfailing love, mercy and grace moved some women to tears.

But the most powerful moment of the clip happens when Lauren, holding a Bible, tells the women that God still loves them. Yes, God wants all to turn from their sinful ways, but God’s love never ends or fails.

“God yearns for you,” Lauren says. “He yearns for all of us. How amazing is that? ‘God, I see what I’ve done wrong. I definitely turned away from you. I didn’t want anything to do with you. And He says, ‘Don’t worry, that didn’t stop me from loving you.’

Lauren ends her message by telling the inmates that they can have hope and no longer live in sin because of God's grace and enduring love.

“There is hope for your future,” she said. “There is.”

Praise God!

Romans 5:8 “But God has made clear his love to us, in that, when we were still sinners, Christ gave his life for us.”


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