John Crist Shares Church Phrases For Getting Fired

John Crist Shares Church Phrases For Getting Fired

Christian Comedian John Crist is back with another hilarious routine and this time he’s talking about when the church fires someone. Instead of just saying ‘You’re fired,’ church staffers normally break the news in a gentle way. Now, John is putting together 20 church phrases that might be used if someone is getting fired.

This funny guy always has a way of coming up with the most hilarious skits and jokes and this one is no different. This clean comedian always brings the laughs no matter what he is talking about and he’s sure to have you rolling today. While this may be an exaggeration, there is definitely still some truth in the video. John is always so good at kindly poking fun of some of the daily complexities of life. And he does it in such a way that you know he’s laughing with you and not at you.

For instance, who else cracked a smile when he shared some phrases such as, “We’d just like to formally release you to follow God’s call in your life” or “We love you around here, we just feel like God’s calling you elsewhere.”

Are you laughing out loud like I am? I sure don’t know where John Crist comes up with this funny stuff but I hope he’s got more where that came from. And be sure to take John’s warning when he reminds us that if you ever hear some of these phrases around the church, someone is about to be let go.

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