Loving Gym Owner Bringing Hope And Strength To The Disabled And Elderly

Loving Gym Owner Bringing Hope And Strength To The Disabled And Elderly

A kind and loving gym owner in England is bringing hope and strength to those who are disabled and elderly.

Kindness and love can take many different shapes and forms. All anyone must do to be kind and loving is to see someone in need and then act. It doesn't even have to be a big, grand, or over-the-top gesture. 

Simple and unexpected acts of kindness can be as easy as opening and holding the door for someone. Picking up and throwing away a piece of trash is a simple task that doesn't take much time, but it's appreciated and can and does make a difference. Also, what we perceive as a small, insignificant act of kindness could mean the world to someone else. That could be the thing that changes someone's entire life and outlook. 

Javeno McLean is a personal trainer and a gym owner in Manchester, England, and he brings hope and smiles to the faces of a group of people that society often overlooks. He offers his personal training services completely free of charge to the disabled and the elderly.

In the video posted on YouTube, Javeno explains why he refuses to accept anything to help the disabled and the elderly, and it all has to do with how he was raised.

"I just set out to make my mom and dad proud," he said. "I was raised around love, like my family, my mom and my dad. Like, I was blessed to have good parents who love me."

He added: "So when you've been around so much love, you want everybody else to feel that as well. And when I see people who aren't receiving love, that's when I have a problem with injustice, when people are getting treated and patronized and treated a certain way."

While helping and working with others, Javeno says that he has witnessed miracles and dramatic transformations in the people he is blessed to work with daily.

God has blessed all of us with different skills, talents and gifts. Just like Javeno, we can use those God-given gifts to help others and show kindness and love to someone who may really need it.

Galatians 6:10 "So then, as we have the chance, let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the family of the faith."

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