Dennis Quaid's 'Fallen' Strikes A Chord As He Calls Out For Jesus

Dennis Quaid's 'Fallen' Strikes A Chord As He Calls Out For Jesus

Check out the official music video for the song ‘Fallen’ by Dennis Quaid and see how the lyrics strike a chord as he calls out for Jesus.

“I went for a joyride down the Devi's highway

My eternal soul hanging by the thread

I was determined that the wheel was going my way

Wind up beside the road, left for dead”

What a great song with a country and rock sound. Dennis Quaid does a great job singing ‘Fallen’ and really puts a lot of feeling into his performance. Of course, he is known for his acting, but it is clear he can also sing. 

The two producers for this song were leading gospel music figures Ben Isaacs and David Ferguson, who are part of the country rock world. 

“With two different producers, it reflects me in the sound,” shares Dennis Quaid. “Half Baptist churcher, half country rock. Ben is part of the Isaacs, which is a Christian group. He knows bluegrass and he knows the Gaither Christian audience. These traditional Christian songs, which were part of my Baptist upbringing in Texas, are very important to me. I knew how I wanted it to sound.”

Dennis Quaid recognizes that some people do not want to talk about their faith in their music, but that was not the case for him. “A lot of people are embarrassed to talk about their faith. They think it’s some kind of Boy Scout thing, where you’ve got to follow the rules,” says Dennis Quaid. “But I talk to God a lot, every day. I question everything I do. I believe it’s about keeping trying. It’s about self-examination and throwing your ego out the door.” What a great quote! 

‘Fallen’ is a great song, all about faith, and we hope that you enjoyed listening to this performance today!

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