Criminal Barges Into Wrong House In Hysterical Carol Burnett Show Skit

Criminal Barges Into Wrong House In Hysterical Carol Burnett Show Skit

Check out this hilarious video that will get you laughing in no time. Criminal barges into the wrong house in hysterical Carol Burnett Show skit. 

At the start of this video we see two women who are pretending that they are in their young twenties. When they talk about their desires for men in their lives. They joke about struggling in their singleness over a nighttime cup of coffee. Carol is at home in her apartment on a weekend with curlers in her hair and all. Her friend says that there is a burglar who just robbed a grocery store nearby. Carol replies that she is not worried about him. 

After the friend leaves, Carol is left alone in her pajamas, curlers, and coffee. All of a sudden, the burglar comes through her window with a gun at her head. What would normally be a terrifying moment turns into a comical one. When asked where her husband is, Carol replies that she is not married and begins to smile. She comes to discover that the robber also is single and this becomes a hysterical skit where Carol begins to try to woo her attacker. 

The criminal believes that he is holding Carol hostage, but she begins to take him hostage in her apartment. She pretends to date him over a cup of coffee, answers the phone, and tells her mother about him. She comically lengthens his name to Bernard. Carol even gets excited when he threatens to take her with him as a hostage on the run.

Suddenly, the cops begin to arrive at the house and arrest the man. Carol is so sad and distraught that her love is leaving. She then discovers that the police officer providing her comfort is also a single man and begins again with her wooing tactics. This is such a funny show to watch and will get you laughing, because laughter, as we know, is great medicine. 

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

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