John Crist


John Crist On The Latest Design Trend In Church - Comedy Videos

There is nothing I love more than a good laugh, and Christian comedian John Crist never fails to bring them. John is known around the internet for his hilarious sense of humor and clean comedy routines. He always likes to poke a little fun at the church, but this preacher's kid's jokes are always out of love. Today, John is looking at the recent fixation with wood and shiplap. Thanks to shows like Fixer Upper, a lot of people are very into the rustic, wood look lately. Even churches seem to be jumping on this design trend. Watch this hilarious clip as John pretends to be a wood panel salesman and he's working on a persuading a church to buy his product. I catch myself laughing out loud so many times during his videos and this one was no different. I don't know where John comes up with this stuff but it's downright hilarious!