Grandpa Cries During Surprise Reunion With Grandson At Restaurant

Grandpa Cries During Surprise Reunion With Grandson At Restaurant

This grandpa was caught in full surprise when his grandson showed up at a restaurant for a reunion. Not only was grandpa stunned, but grandma was quite caught off guard too.

The shock in her face was visible first. With an empty plate in her hand, she was walking toward the food section, passing other people, minding her business. Then a familiar voice spoke to her.

“Hey Meemaw,” her adult daughter said.

The grandmother turned to see her adult child. Her eyes quickly lowered as she noticed her grandson too.

“Hi,” the boy said gleefully.

The joy that swept her face was distinct and undeniable. The grandma immediately brought her hand to her masked mouth. Clearly, she was in shock and based on the video didn’t seem to say anything.

“We gotta show Grandpa.”

All three walked to the table and there he was with another relative. He too was at a loss for words. His face quickly changed with emotion. Happiness. Joy. Relief. The grandfather extended his arms and embraced his grandson. The sight can only be described as heartwarming.

Everyone was suddenly full of hugs and the grandfather especially felt the sentiment. He started crying almost immediately while holding his grandson close.

“Buddy,” the grandpa said tearfully.

The child didn’t look as emotional, but he too appeared content to be in such a familial and loving moment. The video is brief, but the love between this family could not be clearer. There must have been time lost between them when they couldn’t visit and be near.

The past year or so has been hard on everyone, friends, lovers, especially families. People who once saw one another often or occasionally have sometimes not seen each other at all. Some relationships have blossomed during this time, others have strained, while some have become obsolete.

Thank God for the relationships that remain, the people we can once again see, talk to, and embrace much like the family in this video.

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