Clean Comedian John Crist Calls Instagram Support

Clean Comedian John Crist Calls Instagram Support

Christian comedian John Crist is back again and this funny guy never fails to entertain. Today, John is on a mission to figure out if one of his Instagram followers likes him or not. So he decided to do what any other normal millennial would do and John dials up the Instagram support line.

In our digital world, it can sometimes be hard to tell what someone is actually trying to say when we don’t speak face to face. John decided to end the debate once and for all and go straight to the experts. Just watch as he hilariously goes over the entire saga with the support specialist and, together, they work to decipher the girl’s feelings.

“It’s like an emotional jigsaw puzzle.” This funny guy always has me in stitches and this hilarious poke at the world of social media has me laughing at loud. Instead of simply asking someone how they feel, the younger generation tries to read into everything that is posted online. “I’m not asking her if she’s dating him. Absolutely not.”

While this may be an exaggeration, there is definitely still some truth in the video. John is always so good at kindly poking fun of some of the daily complexities of life. And he does it in such a way that you know he’s laughing with you and not at you.

I have no clue how he comes up with some of this stuff, but I cannot help but laugh along every time I see one of his videos.