Children Let Stranger Into Their Home In Shocking Social Experiment

Children Let Stranger Into Their Home In Shocking Social Experiment

Check out this shocking social experiment where children let a stranger into their home.

“Would your child let a stranger into your home?” says Joey, an internet vlogger on YouTube. “Before filming this video, I contacted the parents for permission. I told them to set up a camera and made sure they were nowhere near the door during the time of this experiment.”

The results of this video will leave you speechless. Joey is spreading a powerful message through this shocking social experiment and is showing parents what their kids will really do when a stranger comes to the door.

“Is your mom home?” Joey asks a young boy who opens his front door.

“Yeah, she’s in the shower,” the boy says. “I’m your mom’s friend. Is it ok if I just come on in and wait for her?” Joey asks.

The boy says yes and lets him into the house, even though he has no idea who he is!

During another instance, Joey is greeted by a little girl at the next house he visits.

“Hey is your mommy and daddy home?” he asks. “Yeah they’re in the back,” she replies.

“Is it ok if I come in and wait for them?” says Joey. The little girl nods her head yes and lets him into the house, just like that.

This is scary to think that your kids could react in this way as well when someone comes to the door that they do not know.

The parents of the kids in this video confront them after the social experiment and ask them why they would let a stranger into the house, even though they have been told not to.

“What are you going to do next time someone is at the door and you don’t know the person,” one mom asks her daughter. “Come get you,” says the daughter. “Come get me no matter where I am. Don’t ever let anybody in the house.”

What a great reminder to parents to instill in their kids the importance of being safe and not letting strangers come into the house, no matter what!

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