Woman Scalped While Working On Her Car

Alon Abare is a hardworking mother of 4 and she's pretty handy around the house. So when her car was making an odd noise, she figured she would go ahead and check it out. So she opened the hood and leaned in.

In the blink of an eye, Alon's long hair was sucked into the engine and got wrapped around the fan belt of her running motor. Alon quickly screamed for help and two of her kids rushed to her side. Her son Sam quickly turned the car off as her daughter Logan cut her hair free.

Alon was tragically scalped during the accident and is still undergoing extensive treatment for her injury. Now, Alon is warning others of the dangers they may not have thought of.

Auto safety expert Lauren Fix's demonstration of what happened to Alon truly shocked me! But thankfully Lauren has some tips for how to keep yourself safe when checking out problems with your vehicle. We all need to remember this warning.

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