Child Preacher Shares The Word Of God With Passion

Child Preacher Shares The Word Of God With Passion

This tiny child preacher has a lot of love for the Lord and she's not afraid to let the whole world know.

On The Steve Harvey Show, host Steve Harvey loves to highlight funny and inspiring videos from around the Internet. Normally, these clips will feature children and, sometimes, they are even guests on the show. Today, Steve is sharing a hilarious video of a young girl proclaiming the message of Jesus. This child has definitely been paying attention in church because she has a microphone in hand and she's trying to stir up the audience.

Just listen as she shouts His many blessings and praises the Lord. You can even hear one of her siblings making some approval noises in the background. I just love watching the younger generation give praise to His name and there's nothing better than watching this adorable 'sermon.' Even Steve cannot help but laugh as this fired up little tike and her message to the congregation.

Even though you can't see them, I bet there are some people in the audience raising their hands and clapping along to this child preacher. This little girl is a bundle of funny all wrapped up in a tiny body! This hysterical mini worship leader will have you chuckling with delight and wishing you could attend one of her services.

Her parents and church family certainly have their hands full! Who else wants to hear more worship and praise from this spirited girl? I know I sure do!