Funny Kids Tell The Story Of Easter In Their Own Words

Funny Kids Tell The Story Of Easter In Their Own Words

Check out this funny video of adorable kids telling the story of Easter in their own words. They may have gotten creative with some of the details, but the underlying Easter message is still there!

In the video, there are multiple kids, all at varying ages, sitting at a table and sharing about the Easter story. What is hilarious is when the adults in the video are acting out exactly what the children are saying. They are even moving their mouths perfectly, so it looks like they are saying the exact quotes that the kids are saying.

"I have done what I have came to," says one boy when he is speaking for Jesus.

The whole video will bring a smile to your face and make you chuckle as you listen to these kids explain the Easter story.

“’He has rosen’. This was just too cute!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video.

“That was a beautiful story about the birth of our Savior. It is so wonderful to see small children that can actually tell about the birth of Jesus and actually know what it all means,” writes another person online.

And another person shares their enthusiasm for the funny and creative video. “Best video ever!” they write online. “All the adults mimicked the kids’ words perfectly! Wow, children's point of view is the sweetest and so innocent. It's gotta make God smile so big!”

At the end of the video, one boy sums up the Easter message so well. “Let’s go tell the news!” he says.

As Jesus followers, the good news of Easter is something that we should all be sharing with the people in our lives! There is so much hope in the resurrection that there is no way that we can keep this life-giving truth to ourselves!

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