Door of Hope-Original song- Lynda Nolan

As I was driving home one night after a conference for Women, this song came to me like a flood. I was remembering the journey God had taken me through & healed me. There were some women whose lives had been opened up that night & they needed the hope that what God had brought to the surface, He would then heal as they chose to trust Him in the journey. He can do the same for you in the broken parts of your life too. He will be there with you through every step of the process. Have faith and hope in Him and you can experience the Purest Love of The Father to come and transform your life.

I stand before the door of hope
At the start of the journey
I am so broken, empty inside
Yet I am full of pain and of shame
I stand before the door of hope

It's a place I will go on a journey of healing
A place I will go with my Lord
And I will know the purest love of Jesus
As He stands at the door of hope with me.

I stand before the door of hope
At the start of the journey
A place where I'll know the healing love
Of my Father in heaven, He's there beside me
It's a door of healing for me

I'll stand and I'll be, healed and made whole
Forgiven, set free, Jesus beside me
I'll know no more pain
As I walk through the journey
And I will be whole
As I walk through the door,
I will walk through the door of hope,
Yes I will know the love of the Father,
Pure, pure love.

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