Jesus is My Lover - Original song Lynda Nolan - Christian

When you really love someone, you want to spend time with them. Lots of time. This song is about how Jesus wants us to spend time with Him. He has a table full of a feast and the feast is of His presence and love for us. Jesus wants us to share the deepest things of our heart with Him and He wants to do the same with us. He is preparing us for eternity in Heaven with Him. Take the time to listen to Jesus and you will find your relationship with Jesus will grow deeper.
This song is written like a conversation, first me talking about Jesus wanting me to spend time with me and then it is like a response from Jesus where He is replying to me.

Jesus is my lover, He calls me to himself
To me there is no other who is worthy to be known
He sets a table for me, a place for me to feast.
Upon his love and presence, His love for me is deep

Jesus is my lover, I sit upon His knee
And with His arms embracing
He whispers to me

Yes I am your lover, you're so special to me
I love you oh so dearly, come and spend the time with me
I'm coming back for you my Bride, I've come to set ou free
To live with me in heaven for all eternity.

Yes I am your lover, come sit upon my knee
And with my arms embracing,
I'll whisper to thee.

© All Music & Lyrics by Lynda Nolan 2001

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