‘Rain In The Rearview’ Uplifting Anne Wilson Song Official Music Video

The incredibly talented Anne Wilson, one of the biggest names in Christian music, has released the official music video for her song “Rain in the Rearview.”

Pain, heartache and struggle are all, unfortunately, parts of life. Everyone will go through dark, painful periods during their time on Earth. It’s a near impossibility to go through this life unscathed. Situations and circumstances will leave us battered and bruised, but because of the love and hope of Jesus Christ, we can rest assured that the sun is shining somewhere and this dark valley is only temporary.

Anne’s official music video for “Rain in the Rearview”, posted on YouTube, begins with the singer and songwriter jumping into a vehicle and starting a journey down a country road. However, Anne encounters unpleasant weather. The sky opens up and lets loose a torrential downpour. 

“When the storm rolls in, and the sky won’t quit crying
And you’ve lost more tears than you thought you could ever lose
Oh, I swear somewhere out there, the sun is somewhere shining
So, drive, baby, drive, baby, drive ‘til it shines on you
And leave the rain in the rearview”

But instead of turning back and cutting her journey short, Anne soldiers on, going straight through the storm. She knows on the other side of the storm, the sun is shining. While she understands her current travel conditions are less than optimal, giving up was never an option. 

Life is a continual series of events and circumstances. Some will be pleasant, and others not so much. Everyone will experience storms, hardships and trials. But even during these uncomfortable and painful instances, Jesus Christ is still in control and working. The present situation is, but for a moment. God has good things in store if we hold on and cling to Him. 

Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and take heart, and have no fear of them: for it is the Lord your God who is going with you; he will not take away his help for you.”


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