I Could sing of Your Love Forever

"I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" is a popular Christian rock and worship song by the English rock band Delirious?. The song's popularity has reached far beyond the band's; CCLI places the song among the 30 most-sung worship songs in the United States of America[1] and has been called a "modern worship classic"[2]. According to Martin Smith, the author of the song:
"That song just wrote itself in about five minutes. The same chords the whole way through the song. I mean that's embarrassing really! It was just a little ditty. Did it at church. It was good but I don't think it really blew anybody away. It wasn't like, 'Oh Martin's written the most amazing song!' I still don't really think it is. But yes, that song, that moment changed our lives really. It's been one of the most sung songs in America and around the world. It's crazy really, this little ditty that we don't really do anymore. It's been great."

God's love in our heart gives us a heart for the lost.

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