CBM of Maryland SMI


Why should I consider being an SMI at CBM of Maryland?
“Doing CBM this summer was absolutely the best thing I could have done with my life. I don’t know why nobody told me about this before.” – Steven, age 14
“The internship literally changed my life. I went from seeing MY world around me to seeing THE world through God’s eyes. Lost and broken people unaware of their own sins, with Satan on one side trying to destroy them and God stretching out His gift of salvation for those who accept. It was so cool being able to see the world like that, then stepping into the middle and point children to Christ. After being a real missionary, I will never be the same.” – Caleb, age 17
Why Interns return from our program so pumped:
• This is REAL work for the REAL Creator. He can use you to take something that was broken (people) and help make it fixed (His people). You are far more than just some ‘intern’.
• THE PAY. Although this is a paid internship, the pay we’re talking about is the eternal reward. There is no greater privilege than being part of a program to help Christ win lost souls.
• YOU’RE COMMANDED TO be a missionary in the Bible. Why not take a summer to learn to do it right? “He commanded them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15
• IMPACTING people for life. By allowing God to use you, you can help save real people from spending eternity (a very very long time) in Hell and instead redirecting them to heaven (kind of a bi

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