One Bad Thread

This is an except from the movie, "Sheep In The Midst Of Wolves -Lambs To The Slaughter".


Joel Olsteen

Rick Joyner

Kenneth Hagin

Paul Keith Davis

White Dove Ministries

John Paul Jackson

Streams Ministries

Awe Magazine

Joyce Meyer

Streams Ministries

John Paul Jackson

Spiritual Abuse







Salem Outreach

Streams Academy


Reaching Your Destiny

Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit

[email protected]@$#ociation of Bridge Churches

Storms, Faith and the Miraculous!

Breaking Strongholds in Your Life

Ins%#%ute for Spiritual Development

Christian Center of Shreveport

207 Idema

Shreveport La 71106

(318) 688-9250


Hinn University Streams Ministries John Paul Jackson Xtreme Bully Actor Salesman Prophet Pinnacle Dreams Intern Youth Cults Profit New Age Scientology Salem Outreach Reaching Your Destiny Storms, Faith and the Miraculous Breaking Strongholds in Your Life Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit AWE WebTV XStreamYouthMinistry Dream Interpreation, Dreams Scarlet Letter Manipulate Intimidate Coerce Spiritual Abuse Churches Bullying EuroStreams The Names of God Carriers of the Essence 7 Days Behind the Veil John Avanzini Marilyn Hickey Word Faith teachers Paul Crouch Jan Crouch Gloria Copeland Kenneth Copeland Creflo Dollar Ministries Fred Price Kenneth Hagin Jesse Duplantis Tim LaHaye Jerry Jenkins Grant Jeffrey Joe Van Koevering R.W. Schambach, John Avanzini, Dad Hagin, Hinn, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, T.D. Jakes Praise-a-Thon The Blasphemy Network D. James Kennedy Zola Levitt Jack Hayford Joel

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