Any Way You Want HD - Children's Worship

I originally wrote this as a children's worship song, but I think it encourages us all to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and welcome Him however He chooses to move. I still need 2 examples of kids' (ages 6-12) artwork for each of 6 slides of this song
(1)Come like the morning sun (2) Come like a thunderstorm (3) You can come any way You want (4) Come like a gentle rain (5) Come like a hurricane (6) Jesus, You can come any way You want. There is no prize for the best ones except that I will choose them to
be part of the finished slideshow and LOTS of people will be inspired by them to worship Jesus. The best ones will (1) use lots of color (2) take up the whole paper (3) have time and thought put into them. Scan and send the JPEG/JPG or PNG to barnabuddies
AT gmail DOT com. If I get a lot of extras I'll make different slideshows for each age group. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! - Christina Kaspersen

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