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Faith Demystified

Faith: This concept is of vital importance to anyone who is serious about progressing with God into a life of fulfillment. Is it any wonder that this subject matter is so misunderstood, poorly taught, misapplied and talked to death using meaningless words that confuse more than they elucidate.

To negate the benefit of the truth(one of the Pillars of The Faith) one does not need to deny the truth. All a deceiver would need do is confuse the heaven out of it!

There is so much useless teaching on the subject of faith simply because it always remains a kind of mystical thing that we grasp in an ethereal way. That is so misleading!!!

The concept of Biblical Faith (not to be confused with THEE Faith - a body of beliefs) is a foundational idea that comes into play each and every day of a follower of Christ. Each and every day..

It is NOT a mystical, hard to understand misty idea.

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