Muslim Clerics leave Islam and embrace Christ

Muslim Clerics Convert to Christianity <br />

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Muslim clerics in the Middle East and North Africa are leaving Islam for Christianity, according to Father Zakaria Boutros. <br />
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Father Zakaria is an Egyptian Coptic priest who was kicked out of his country for converting Muslims to Christ. Today he has a ministry to the Muslim world through his satellite TV broadcast, 'Truth Talk.' <br />
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Broadcast daily into the Middle East, the program challenges Muslims to examine their faith and encourages them to discuss issues in an Internet chat room on Pal Talk. <br />
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Watch the interview to learn how those broadcasts are leading Muslim clerics to Christ. <br />
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List of Some of the Former Muslim Imams, Mullahs, Dawah Preachers Who embraced Christ as their Lord and Saviour.<br />
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Dr.Mark Gabriel - Former Muslim Imam<br />
Hamran Ambrie - Indonesian Ex-Muslim Priest <br />
El-Faqi, an ex-Imam and lawyer <br />
Hajji Husman Mohamed - a former ethiopian Muslim Imam <br />
Mohammed Amin - Former Ethiopian Islamic Cleric <br />
El-Akkad - Former Muslim Preacher, Egypt <br />
Mullah Assad Ullah - Former mullah, Afganistan <br />
Indonesian Imam Left Islam, He also led 3000 Moslems to Christ <br />
Sudan: Moslem Imam converts to Christianity <br />
Rev. Mawlawi Dr. Imad ud-Din Lahiz - Prolific Islamic Writer, Preacher, Quranic Translator <br />
Khalif Majid Hassan - Former Islamic Preacher, Minister in the Nation of Islam <br />
Jeremiah Fard Muhammad - Muslim minister, now Christian evangelist <br />
Saleh Hussaini - Former Nigerian Muslim Cleric <br />
Sam Solomon - a former Muslim sch

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