Late Lutheran Rev. Harald Ibsen "Unafraid" - Danish Author Joy Ibsen returns to Songfest 2009 in Viborg, SD an

(Viborg, South Dakota) - Michigan Author Joy Ibsen returned to her childhood hometown during Danish Days 2009 to present her latest book "Unafraid" that includes a slice of Viborg life.

From a great-grandfather forced to live in a local cave during a depression in the 1890s to a father who pastored two area churches after a stint protecting Danish royalty, Ibsen's Viborg heritage is as colorful as the bright red and white Danish flag.

During Danish Days, Ibsen lead a Songfest on Saturday, July 18, 2009 using her popular first book "Songs of Denmark: Songs to Live By" that was followed by a PowerPoint presentation about her book "Unafraid" and then sign her books for friends, former neighbors and local residents.

"I read a chapter from Unafraid and explained its Grundtvigian philosophy," said Ibsen, whose presentation included her family history and stories based in Viborg.

A 1958 graduate of Viborg High School, Joy's new book "Unafraid" has many stories about the years she lived in Viborg.

"Unafraid" is co-authored by her late father Harald who served Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Viborg and the Trinity Lutheran Church in Gayville,SD (near Meckling) from 1948 to 1960.

Ibsen died in 1972 at age of 74.

"The book is co-authored by my (late) father because the sermons are the basis of the book and the thoughts and ideas are his and they are very relevant to today's world," Ibsen said.

Joy Ibsen brought "some of the Danish influence" and organizers were"excited to have her back again this year," said Danish Days co-chair Julie Hartmann.

"My mom grew up in her dad's church," said Hartmann adding many of her relatives attended Harald Ibsen's Viborg services.

Young Sunday school students from her Rev. Ibsen's one-time church (Our Savior's Lutheran Church ) comprise the Danish

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